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umsatz_listeeBay have said that from today, listings on eBay UK will be “promoted” on other European sites. The announcement was made in an email sent to eBay UK sellers: I can’t find anything more official on the site yet.

In order to have their listings included in the promotion, sellers will have to offer PayPal and provide international shipping information. They’ll also need to include a translation of the item description into the language whose speakers they’re targetting: I’m assuming that this is so that listings can be found by people searching in not-English, rather than that eBay are going to filter by linguistic content.

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  1. I don’t really understand this. How exactly do you fulfil the translation criteria and hows does eBay know that you have added a translation? Are we expected to translate the description into every european language? What about the eBay title? What use is this if there is only enough space to write the title in English?

    As usual the information they have given asks more questions than it answers.

  2. There does seem to be this off again on again thing with Ebay and International Visibility.

    How many times has it been turned off and turned on again in various guises?

    Maybe they should make up their minds once and for all?

    Mark 🙂

  3. So far today we have had more European sales than domestic sales, so ebay please keep this promotion going.

  4. So how exactly do they know if you’ve added a translation to the item description? Does it just detect if the description contains French, Spanish, German, or Italian and block those countries if it doesn’t? Or is this just a rule and you get your listing pulled later if it gets reported?

  5. @Ryan From the post:
    I’m assuming that this is so that listings can be found by people searching in not-English, rather than that eBay are going to filter by linguistic content.

  6. All our listings are in English, with no translations whatsoever. As media sellers we always try and include the EAN in item specifics, which remains the same regardless of the language. I suspect this has been a factor in our increased sales. There is also the fact that many Europeans are familiar with UK artists and genre. If ever you watch or listen to French or Germany TV or radio you will hear a presenter talking away in their own language interspersed with the occasional ‘Elvis Presley’ or other well known artist. A good gallery picture sells your product better than any text. I suspect that European sales owes more to the listing title, EAN and photo than any translation within the body of a listing. At the moment the promotion is working well for us, although we still have some outstanding payments. I only hope that the requirement to accept Paypal is being explained to our European customers as being the only viable method of payment.

  7. Have done a few checks today on a non scientific basis.

    I have no translations in any of my listings and there is no way that I would want to change them all for a temporary promotion.

    Some or all of my auction listings are in the default searches for: France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Spain.

    In addition at least some of my BIN listings are in the default searches for: Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland Austria, Netherlands.

    None of my listings were showing in the default search in: Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland.

    I have not been able to establish how those showing have been selected and whether each selection is unique or repeatable.

    James on the PSB has said that it is a temporary promotion only. No time limit has been given. His comments do not quite match with my findings.

    Some amongst us may form the view that this is a test for consideration of ISV charges for UK listings to appear across Europe.

  8. I’ve recently discovered that our International sales are dragging down our DSRs.

    Here’s our % of 4/5 star ratings over past 90 days:

    Item as described – 97%
    Communication – 95%
    Dispatch time – 95%
    Postage and packaging charges – 97%

    Item as described 84%
    Communication – 70%
    Dispatch time – 84%
    Postage and packaging charges – 67%

    Same products, same communication methods (automated Selling Manager templates), same dispatch times, and postage is equally competitively priced. In fact, we spend more on packaging when posting abroad. Perhaps our international buyers expect more than British buyers?

    So, given that international sales are indirectly affecting our Best Match placements, and it’s extra work (and risk) to post our products abroad I really see little-to-no benefit in spending the time making our listings compliant for this promotion!

  9. How do you find the split on DSRs between international and domestic (please!)
    At the moment we are selling a lot more internationally than at home but EANs are no good to us as we sell sell vinyl and CDSingles in the main which the eBay catalogue system does not support ALSO for CD albums I find the eBay catalogue is poor compared to Amazon’s

  10. #9: Go to your Seller Dashboard Summary on My eBay, then choose the Buyer Satisfaction link. In the “Low detailed seller ratings” section, you’ll see a link that says “see your reports” – you can create various reports there.

    Might be a quicker way to get to them, but that’s how we do it 🙂

  11. Re;DSR’s being dragged down by international sales I had same problem & remedied by changing my email notifications. Ok when someone paid for item I sent auto email “if you are in Europe expect 7 days or in USA/Canada up to 2 weeks including weekends. they don’t get the email till after they paid so won’t be put of maybe having to wait & they don’t get angry if it takes a week to arrive my DSR’s are now 4.9 across the board.

  12. A few corrections to the above. All of the translations are done by human translators for very reasonable prices. And, there was a typo; I meant, of course, “specialty” and “You can use it to…”

  13. 2 mistakes in 3 lines of text…not a good start for a translation company… 😉



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