eBay France: fee changes and a cheap listing weekend

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on 31st August and 1st September. Insertion fees will be just 5c for fixed price items, in most categories (except Vehicles and Media).

In addition, the long-running 15c insertion fee “promotion” for business sellers’ BIN listings is being extended to 8th September. From 9th September, insertion fees for fixed price items will depend on Boutique subscription level:

Subscription .co.uk equivalent IF IF media categories
Aucune Boutique No Shop 35c 15c
Boutique Classique Basic Shop 15c 10c
Boutique A la Une Featured Shop 5c 2c
Boutique Premium Anchor Shop 1c 1c

At the same time, FVF take increases by 5%:

Tranch of final sale price Fee percentage
Not sold No FVFs
1,00 EUR – 50,00 EUR 9,5%
50,01 EUR – 500,00 EUR 6,5%
500,01 EUR ou plus 3,5%

Media categories will see their FVFs reduced fom 12% across the board to 9%.

Lest this work out as a fee cut for anyone, Boutique fees are increasing enormously:

Subscription level Old monthly fee New monthly fee
Classique €9,95 €19,95
A la une €19,95 €49,95
Premium €59,95 €119,95

More details on eBay France.


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