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eBay UK have put out a timetable for the changes taking place later this month and in October. Here’s what we have in store (in chronological order rather than the bizarrely random ordering of the eBay announcement):

22nd September Category changes
More control over post-to locations
Date item specific must be included on ticket listings
Better listing editing
23rd September No more optional insurance
24th September Threaded messages in My Messages
29th September Launch of Top-rated Seller status
1st October Changes to seller performance measurements: 1 and 2 DSRs must be kept under 3% for description and 4% for the others.
Changes to Best Match
Many listing upgrades discontinued
19th October Free P&P in media categories
20th October Changes to post-transaction emails
23rd October New dispute resolution process

If you need more precise timing than that, in their version of the list, though going by past rollouts, expecting to tie it down to a 4 hour timeslot is vastly over-optimistic.

Currently there’s no date listed for the launch of the streamlined unpaid items process, though it will be taking place in the afternoon, apparently. 😉

Earlier this year eBay UK’s MD Mark Lewis promised to limit changes affecting sellers to two tranches per year. I’ll admit that at the time, I applauded the announcement. But it seems that rather than two lots of change, what we have is two announcements of change, and then two months of implementing those changes, piecemeal, little bit by little bit. September and October should be the time when eBay sellers are ramping things up for Christmas, not dealing weekly with site changes and features coming and going. These changes were announced in July, so why on earth it’s taking until the end of October to implement some of them is beyond me.



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