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eBay are now telling buyers when their items should be expected to arrive, based on delivery time estimates and the shipping service they’ve selected. Here’s what I just got on checkout:

ebay order summary

A couple of people have mentioned this, but I hadn’t seen it before today; I’m not absolutely sure if it’s a staggered roll-out, or if I just haven’t been paying attention. Either way, it’s one to be aware of: eBay are telling buyers when to expect their parcels, and sellers need to be both aware of and managing those expectations.

Of course, for anyone who shops on Amazon, this will seem very, very familiar 😉

9 Responses

  1. Not overly bothered as I’ve been doing exactly that in my dispatch emails for overseas sales for years. Could be a bit of a pain in the neck nearer Xmas though.

  2. Is this notification persistent? That is, is there a place where the buyer can see it again later when they are wondering where their goods are?

  3. Hi David
    Yes it is. If you go into an item you’ve bought and click the ‘where is my item’ you can see it there. if the seller includes tracking info or marks the item as dispatched it includes that too and when you come to leave feedback I have seen a couple of trials of “This item should have arrived …..” along with the trial of mark this seller out of 10.

    It works well enough actually except that ebay don’t allow for bank holidays. I had a few people muttering about it over the May bank holiday.

  4. it should read

    your order should arrive if you answer the door you daft sod,
    or if you remember to change your address when you move home you silly bugger,
    or it cant be delivered if your at work and no ones at home you prize guerkin,
    or if you dont pick it up from the local mail office you wont get it ,Dildo



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