Post Office to receive £1.3bn extra funding

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Post Office Letter Boxes, EC1A 1AA .London Chief Office 1994Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced that the Post Office network is to get £1.3bn of extra funding over the next four years.

Mr Cable has also reiterated that there will be no PO closures under the coalition government. He said that with the new funding, “the Post Office will be able to invest, improve its offer and win new revenue streams.”

Last month, the government said that Royal Mail will be privatised, while the PO network may be mutalised.

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  1. I’m not really bothered if the Post Office branches have a new paint job or not.

    I do think palming off the Royal Mail at a discounted price to a foreign buyer such as DHL or TNT is short sighted and will result in higher prices and deliveries on five days rather than six.

  2. In Rural Areas many Villages and Small Towns have lost their PO while others that had managed to hang onto theirs feared that in a future round of closures theirs would go. So this announcement will safeguard for 4 years those still open. But some of the closures were totally bonkers. Will the PO be allowed to re-open some branches? As far as putting PO in Supermarkets. My closest Supermarket is some 10 miles my nearest PO is some 3 miles. In small villages I can usually park right outside the PO in Supermarkets I often have to walk 50 yards from the Carpark. Please do not suggest PO in Supermarkets in Rural Areas. In fact might I suggest that ebayers look at going out of town to a Rural PO to do their Posting rather than use the Main PO in Town. Their business might go some way to keeping Rural PO open after the 4 years.

  3. My local post office is a right dump. It is third-world-esque. Unfortunately it is unlikely to get a new paint job as it is privately run.

  4. I would agree that many privately run post offices still have the appearance of shops from the 1960s’.

    However why should the owners spend money when Post Offices are constantly under threat of closure?

    Lift this threat and they may be more willing to invest.

    Post Offices should act as agents for all mail and parcel carriers not just Royal Mail/Parcelforce. Break this monopoly and then the private owners may have a positive outlook.

  5. I hope they dont waste it on more trinkets and gimmicks like the daft cardboard binoculars they are dishing out to promote the Tracked service, its like some silly plan hatched by the dipsticks on Alan Sugars apprentice

  6. Over manyyears i’ve used the post office and the royal mail since I was about 12. I’m now in my 30s.

    I’ve seen a local PO close in the past couple of years, though it was by far the closest to me, but, I used the nearest crown, cause the sub PO was useless, an incompetent fuckwit who was more interested in chating to me about how my business was and if he could get me a cheap deal on jiffy bags (no my price was better) than learning howto process mail and run his own business. I seriously doubt he made more money from a OAP that came in once a fortnight, but he would spend 20+ minutes talking to her rather than me with a couple of sacks a day (and yes i could have put lots of stuff through his till if he hadn’t took so long talking to me)

    The guy was useless, and it was no surprise when his sub PO disappeared.

    Once a month or so i feel bad when i can’t nip in last thing to send something, but then i remember why i didn’t use him anyway, the idea that these places are a center of the community is bollocks, if they do their jobs quickly and efficiently then they will make money and stay open, otherwise close em along with tripe shops and coal mines.

  7. All domestic post should just be delivered to a postal hub. Ideally in a supermarket. Here you would just collect all your post when you do your shopping. There would be no postal workers delivering letters to your door. This would save them a fortune.

  8. so if we order groceries online , they can deliver our mail at the same time. Why not just get the milkman to bring it ? He’s already doing the route , and doesn’t sell much milk nowadays. Surely there’s room for a couple of bags of post on his float…

  9. We need to modernise the outdated Post Offices and Royal Mail, and by modernise I mean allow them to operate in an unregulated marketplace.

    Royal Mail need to be able to compete and develop unregulated services. Services such as Tracked 24 allow them to undercut pricy couriers and offer a business focused service. More of this.

    They dont need outside help (TNT, DHL or whoever), they just need to charge market prices. Why should they have to charge 36p for a letter to Shetlands…let them pay £2, or whatever it costs, and reduce the prices for the mainstream services to mainland UK.

    The thought of having to go into a Tesco to buy my stamps or post a parcel is a horrific thought. I avoid these gastly places at all costs anyway, but thats another story. Keep the supermarkets away from this. Efficient post offices should always be supported, and trash the crap (as radams says)


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