Terapeak sign deal to offer Yahoo! JAPAN research

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Terapeak are known for eBay and PayPal research and have licenced data direct from eBay for many years. This enables them to give unparalleled insights to sellers through their research tools.

Today Terapeak announced the first-ever data licencing agreement with the largest ecommerce marketplace and search engine in Japan – Yahoo! Japan.

This agreement will enable Terapeak to include analysis of historical
transaction and auction data from the Yahoo! Japan auction site to a far wider set of merchants. In March 2011 alone, an average of 21.74 million items was listed for sale on Yahoo! Auctions and Yahoo! JAPAN boasted 238.33 million unique browsers, demonstrating Yahoo! Japan’s clout as one of the most trafficked Internet destinations in Japan.

“Both Yahoo! JAPAN and Terapeak are dedicated to providing a quality user experience and we believe that this alliance will result in a winning integration of market data, leading to opportunities for our merchants
Koichi Imamura, Senior Vice President for Ecommerce Planning Division of Yahoo! Japan

It’s often been said that the first thing a successful eBay seller should do is to diversify onto other marketplaces, their own website, paid search and comparison shopping engines. Having all your eggs in one basket is never a good thing. It looks like Terapeak have heard that advice and will now be supplying research tools for a huge market place unconnected with eBay.

We wish all our friends at Terapeak well in their new venture and if you are a merchant on Yahoo! Japan (based on my own experience of Terapeak for eBay), I’d recommend that you sign up for Terapeak at the first possible opportunity.

7 Responses

  1. Pretty useless unless you can read and write Japanese and also have a Japanese bank account.

  2. That’s true – it’s not open to anyone who doesn’t live in Japan.

    You can only buy through it using something like noppin.com


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