eBay change Item Condition from “Used” to “New”

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I often search for my own listings to see how they’re appearing in search results, especially when they’re either performing exceptionally well or exceptionally badly. It’s good practise to know what’s being presented to buyers, and that’s how I found today’s search glitch.

Initially I thought the particular product I was searching for was appearing correctly in the . It’s on a catalogue product card and I’m currently the only seller listing against that catalogue entry so all looked well.

However when I changed to show the I spotted the same listing on the same Catalogue Product Card but this time eBay had changed the Item Condition from “Used” to “New”. Instead of now being a great deal this now looks like an unbelievable deal for buyers!

Thankfully the glitch is only appearing on eBay catalogue items so hopefully most buyers will spot that the items for sale are used and now new. The concern is of course if buyers are being told that items are new at worst they’ll not spot that they’re used until the product arrives and at best will simply get fed up with shopping on eBay and go elsewhere.

Just for avoidance of any doubt the I have on that listing are in cracking condition but are most certainly used.

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  1. I’ve found a similar glitch in the wording used on eBay’s submissions to Google Shopping. Both of products that have featured so far are listed as ‘used’ whereas they are ‘new’ and couldn’t be sold as used.
    But how does one get such a problem recognised by eBay?

  2. I was looking at plasma’s on eBay at the weekend, several times I was told it ‘x’ had 5 new, or 3 used, only to click the link to be taken to a completely different make of TV. Just got bored with it to be honest and went to Google.

    I honestly struggle to understand a) why people bother with eBay and b) how we still operate a profitable business on it.

    Folk most have more patience than me that’s for sure.

  3. Interesting problem in the Chinese proverbial sense but what is the solution? Is there any point in clearly stating ‘used’ in the description or is that impossible in catalogue? I have been off eBay too long to know the answer.

    Don’t you run the risk of a SNAD complaint by leaving it up?

  4. It’s why I now buy everything on Amazon. And if it’s available with Prime I know it’ll be here tomorrow with no hassle. Something ebay will never be able to compete with.

  5. Having bought 100’s of items from ebay i can honestly say that the service from sellers is now better than it ever was.
    Crikey in the good old bad old days of eBay i HAVE received some absolute CR*P TOTALLY DIFFERENT TO HOW IT WAS DESCRIBED AND NO ACTION TAKEN
    It literally was a site for nairdowells,not ever member but a big percentage.
    i prefer how it is now (as long as these praises don’t come back and bite me in the AR*e)


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