eBay Top Rated Seller Protection now live

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As promised by eBay they’re now protecting Top Rated Seller status for selected sellers. The protection will be based on your past performance, and if eligible you’ll see notification of this in your Seller Dashboard.

The grace period for high volume sellers is two months, and for low volume sellers (less than 400 transactions over the last three months) the grace period is four months. High volume sellers are evaluated over the last three calendar months and low volume sellers are evaluated over the last 12 months of trading.

If you can’t meet the eBay Top-rated seller requirements by the end of your grace period, you will lose your eBay Top-rated seller status and benefits. The grace period will end immediately if you lose PowerSeller status or if you’re evaluated as “Standard” or “Below Standard” during the grace period.

This is great news for Top Rated Sellers who have a one of blip in their feedback or DSRs, either due to a statistical grouping of low feedback/DSR scores or due to uncontrollable business events such as weather or loss of stock. Business certainty is something eBay are trying hard to bring to the site, and I don’t know too many sellers that won’t appreciate a little reassurance that one unpredictable event can’t ruin their eBay account.

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  1. Still stuck with 1’s from last December from the snow, have not had any 1’s since then but sales volume is now so low on eBay since we lost TRS status so we focus on Amazon and our website.

  2. TRS is absurd, rankings should be based on product sales. feedback is enough to measure a seller. Why should someone who is TRS thats sold only 1 item in 100. Be ranked higher than a non TRS who has sold 50 in the same amount of time.

    Selected sellers will mean they can hide behind cloak and dagger as they constantly give larger high street or other sellers greater benefits.

  3. ..We have seen amazon invite sellers into their marketplace to offer more competition in a product category…Can anyone add any experiences or share any possible scenarios as to how this seller could have determined sales volume? You can usually get an idea of sales volume from the Amazon Bestsellers Rank it provides in the description. If it has a good ranking large sellers will find where to get the item and sell as well.

  4. Could be a trial at this stage and roll-out for the rest of TRS sellers (hopefully)?

    Unreasonable buyers are also a big factor for getting a low DSR and if customer support can be improved alongside then that’s great news 🙂

  5. This is proof that TRS doesn’t work. A a way to cloak gifted TRS statuses to certain sellers as it was at the start.

    TRS is fast becoming an every bigger mystical creature.

  6. We had a call from Amazon on our Ebay line trying to “poach” us away from Ebay. We had to point out to them that this use of telephone numbers on Ebay is definately not permitted. However, i can’t fault them for doing this – we already have an Amazon account and sell more there than on Ebay. Sellers can choose where to sell, and Ebay have such draconian rules trying to constantly bash us over the head, i think that it will take the loss of some larger sellers to make Ebay realise that they actually need to consider us lowly sellers (ie the ones that make Ebay who they are). But how many sellers would Ebay need to lose before it relaxes it’s rules?


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