15 glorious years for eBay legend gf-attic

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It is wonderful to report that , the totally unique Graham Forsdyke, today celebrates his fifteenth anniversary as an eBay member. What were you doing 15 years ago?

Graham joined eBay when it was little more than a year old and today he is a Top Rated Seller. And just look at those ! If you’re wearing a hat. Take it off.

There is no pretender to Graham’s rightful claim to be Britain’s first eBayer. He’s still active today, selling some curios here and there, just like he was back in 1996 when John Major was Prime Minister and very few of us were even using the web. Let alone selling on the eBay.

So we asked for Graham’s reflections on his fifteenth anniversary as an eBay seller:

“Ten years ago I said that eBay saw its future as a giant ecommerce site and that this would eventually be at the cost of the smaller seller.

Clearly this has come to pass. Fees have increased. Discounts have been slashed and yet eBay says its discount budget has increased – it’s obvious where the money is going.

That said, eBay has been good for me. Although Amazon et al are obviously rivals for the big-money sellers, for the likes of myself, normally auctioning collectors’ items, it still the only show in town.”

5 Responses

  1. Congratulations Graham!

    I can remember when we wrote about your tenth eBay anniversary when TameBay was but a couple of months old. That seems like a lifetime ago and yet you were trading 10 years before then (and a good few years before I found eBay too)!

    A truly remarkable milestone to still have the same eBay account alive and kicking and trading! 😀

  2. That’s lovely news and congratulations Graham! I’ve really caught the eBay bug again of late (buying and selling) so its particularly warming to hear that the site’s stalwarts are still going!

    As a silly aside, I used to run a lot of seller queries and data base requests at eBay. Because each seller has a unique ID (integer value) in nearly all such reports the first row would be gf-attic. If I couldn’t see his ID on first opening the file I used to know that I had written the data incorrectly…

    All the best

  3. pillock of the north here with 13.5 years of proper selling under their belt

    if I could not get straight DSR 5s across the board with only 315 feedback in a year I would give up



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