Jacob Aqraou appointed SVP eBay Marketplaces Europe

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Jacob Aqraou has just been announced as the new Senior Vice President of eBay Marketplaces Europe.

Jacob has been with eBay for nine years and his current role was General Manager of eBay Classifieds Group. He’s obviously a man who likes spending money as he claims to have spent 5 billion bucks of eBay’s cash on Skype, Shopping.com, Marktplaats.nl, mobile.de, Rent.com, Gumtree, Loquo, Opusforum, BilBasen and dba.dk.

As with many eBay executives Jacob hails from Harvard Business School and joined eBay just six months after Doug McCallum who he replaces.

Devin Wenig, President of eBay Marketplaces who chose Jacob for the role commented “I’m thrilled that Jacob will head our European region. With almost 10 years of experience at eBay, Jacob understands our business deeply, and he has proven ability to lead and grow a portfolio of consumer-focused businesses across diverse markets. Along with our talented European team, I’m confident Jacob will continue our commerce leadership and momentum across the region”.

The appointment will now free Doug McCallum who becomes a Senior Advisor to eBay Inc.’s President and CEO, John Donahoe. He will advise the company on a wide range of matters important to eBay Inc.’s continued acceleration including enterprise partner engagement, senior government relations, and leadership development.

4 Responses

  1. Congratulations Jacob,

    I hope someone at eBay reads this and takes my comment seriously.

    It’s about time that those at the very top understand the business which they are in charge of.

    I think it’s long overdue that eBay did a back to the floor project.

    I would like invite Jacob or any of the very top execs to spend a few days working alongside my team and myself and see the issues we have on day to day basis, things that really need to be changed for the better.

    See the whole operation from listing to customer service to picking to packing to dispatch to aftersales care to marketing and every process in-between, see the impact of some of eBay’s ideas, policies, systems, website plus much more in operation and how these really work at floor level.

    Perhaps if those at the top did the job then maybe eBay would start making some sensible changes and well thought out changes instead of the usual half thought about ideas which usually go wrong or don’t work.

    I can honestly say that as the owner of my company that I can do the job of every person who we employ and also understand each job and what that job involves and the reason behind every process.

    An example of which would be the DSR feedback and Top rated seller scheme, Its needs to fair, the dispatch time, how many customers really understand the difference between that and total delivery time, perhaps it should be changed to delivery time so a customer can see at a glance your average delivery time based on what previous customers have marked you, then maybe that should them be removed from the top rated seller side of things, or have both dispatch time DSR and a delivery DSR and we are still marked on the dispatch time for TRS, I agree that delivery timescales are important to the customer, however when a order leaves your hands, some things you cannot control, If I could I would like to place an order for a nice warm winter with snow ordered for xmas day please.

    With the above example – The point is, it needs looking at and to be better thought out and imput from those who sell one ebay, yes there does need to be a feedback system but one that both works very well and is also fair.

    Please eBay it’s time to listen, we are your customers.

    I look forward to meeting you……

  2. Well in this climate no one is safe and that includes ebay, we have had some massive high street names go in the past few years, some of them that have been in business for years and years and are older than me (35) so not even the big and mighty ebay are safe….

    And we all know what happens when massive companies lose touch woolworths comes to mind…..

    I might be dreaming however who knows what the future holds.



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