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Have you ever seen Back to the Future 2? It was on the box last week and I watched it, having been captivated when I saw it at the the cinema back in the early 1990s. The most dispiriting aspect of the film is that the uber future bits with flying cars and weather control are set in only 2015. Not far off now and we don’t have them

In many ways what that film didn’t foresee was the rise of the web and the internet, digital connectedness and all the data gadgets we would have. Even a far future Tricorder from Star Trek looks a bit cumbersome to me.

But rest easy, you may not have your jet pack, but you can pay for things via your telly box now thanks to a partnership between PayPal and Capablue. If you use the Capablue Connected platform.

As Internet Retailing note, we agree that this is only for making small payments for TV content in the short term, but it is a great of example of how PayPal’s unstoppable tentacles continue to shimmy out into the world.

And how long will it before you can sit there watching your telly and just click a button during an advert to snaffle whatever item is being pimped, using the doofer? I can see definite immediate benefits for people who like a delivered pizza. But the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Many years ago there was a TV programme called “tomorrows World”. It highlighted all the latest developments and what differances they would make to us in the future(the future when the programme was aired rather than our future now). I wish that this programme was repeated on digital so we could all see just how wrong the Scientists and other “experts” were.

    Just like “Back to the Future 2” many of the developments have failed to arrive and some that have arrived were not highlighted.

    The problem with trying to project into the future is that many ideas that work in theory fail abysmally to work when they try to put it into production. Sometimes it is down to cost. After all we can do almost anything if we spend enough but Mr Jones will not spend £millions to do something and the scientists cannot get a cheaper version to work. Sometimes to get something to work they need to invent something else first and that continues to elude us.

    After all in “Back to the Future 2” they had Time Travel and so far we have failed to do this(I have no idea if one day it will be possible). But “Tiomorrows World” is really worth viewing again if you get a chance.


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