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ipostparcels is a business set up by UK Mail, the UK’s largest independent parcels, mail and logistics services company, as part of their efforts to provide a more convenient and user-friendly means for customers to organise next day deliveries and collections.

Ipostparcels offer a service geared towards the business-to-customer (B2C) market in order to offer next day parcel delivery and collection services to suit each individual’s requirements – all for an affordable, low price.

Customers name the collection address of their choosing; allowing them to choose whether parcels are collected from home or a place of work to ensure parcels are more likely to be received by the recipient, and not inconveniently sent to the local depot because the recipient was not available. Customers also have the option to make use of ipostparcels’ network of 52 depots placed around the UK for a drop off or pick up service, allowing them to save even more money on their delivery charge.

This innovation offers a viable and more convenient alternative to queuing at the post offices, and is particularly well-suited to eBay sellers as it affords them the opportunity to send their products often for an affordable price.

Services and features for Online Sellers

ipostparcels’ eBay service allows customers to sync their eBay accounts to ipostparcels; allowing them to instantly populate the ‘quote and book’ form on their website with any of their sold items. This gives the customer immediate access to next day delivery.

Offering security to customers is a paramount consideration for ipostparcels, and they ensure that their customers’ details are kept secure and confidential at all times. eBay does not inform ipostparcels of their users’ account or password details in order to maintain rigorous security standards for additional peace of mind.

ipostparcels can collect customers’ parcels and undergo a fast next day delivery that’s guaranteed to reach the recipient in the timeframe promised by the seller. Being able to guarantee a quick delivery the very next day will encourage the seller’s customers to leave positive feedback ratings and thus encourage repeat and extended future business.

These benefits are all available for very low comparable prices, which has made this particular bespoke service one of the most popular.

9 Responses

  1. eBay does not inform ipostparcels of their users’ account or password details in order to maintain rigorous security standards for additional peace of mind.

    I have nothing against this company but this statement is simply false. It is true that eBay does not inform ipostparcels of their password but there is plenty of other account details that are available freely to ipostparcels via eBay. Perhaps what they really mean is that they never call GetUser and/or GetAccount. If a hacker were to somehow obtain that authentication token they’d practically have full access to the user’s account just like they would if they obtained the password instead. This is all standard with the eBay API and most others out there.

  2. Good luck to anybody wishing to use UK Mail – nothing but lies and excuses when we used them.

  3. Sounds like a decent service especially as they collect from you instead of waiting at the post office, and deliver next day. eBay integration is useful too.

  4. Useful for those who sell by mail order bulky heavy items.

    What a high proportion of eBay sellers want is a similar service that is competitive when compared with RM for packages of under 500gm and where collection is available for say a minimum of 10 packages.

    Unfortunately nobody is actually interested in this huge market so we are left with no option but Royal Mail and post office deliveries!

  5. Gary is spot on, we have no option other than to stand in line at the post office then have to hold up the cue while they weigh, write and stick things on each indivudual item.
    We need a more convenient method at a similar price

  6. This is a list of what I would like:-

    1) Simple pricing and standard 3 day signed for home delivery with sender collection service minimum 10 packages – all packages up to 500g £2 and 501-1000g £3

    2) Ability to prepay and print off £2 and £3 stamps as required from website onto standard Avery labels

    3) Up to £30 insurance against market value included (not “compensation”). Full insurance backing against loss up to £100 for market value of goods (not a “compensation” scheme) for say an extra £1

    Why cannot RM or another offer such a basic shipping model rather than the countless tariffs and services designed to confuse?

    After all 10,000 ebay sellers with £20 (minimum) of shipping each day = minimum £200,000 daily for minimum 10,000 collections and 100,000 deliveries. Is this not worthwhile to somebody?

  7. I would not touch uk mail with a barge pole. It’s cheap and you get what you pay for. We have had a nightmare scenario with them and as such taking them to court.

  8. They can never manage to deliver to me, under their advertised conditions.

    They are the last people I would EVER use to send by..


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