The mystery of the PayPal fiddle

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It’s difficult to know what to make of this one.

Yesterday, an unnamed reporter for the Daily Mail reported online that PayPal apparently ordered an eBay buyer to destroy what is claimed to be a $2500 antique violin so that the buyer could claim a refund.

The seller known as Erica is distraught. The PayPal blurb offered as proof and displayed doesn’t seem to require the destruction of the violin and the Daily Mail got this story from, it seems.

Have a read of it and ask the question: “who’s on the fiddle?” More violin puns please.

17 Responses

  1. I’m not surprised the seller is fretting. If the buyer can smash the instrument with no strings attached she’ll just have to face the music.

    This one’s a real clef hanger, According to regretsy they’ve asked PayPal for clarification so stay tuned for updates.

  2. Before I start I know little or nothing about Antique Violins. But regularly when I am listing or re-listing books the screen flashes up that I may be trying to sell a counterfeit book. I never am and I know they are not counterfeit because I have obtained them from the Publisher direct(I used to wholesale for them across the South West and still service a few customers).

    I wonder what would happen if there was a dispute in regard to one of these titles? Would Paypal require the Buyer to destroy the Book? Luckily all the books concerned are relatively low price(certainly not $2500) but still its the principle that is important.

    I can understand ordering the destruction of a fake designer fashion item but why destroy an antique? or a Book? Its probably somebody in Paypal(or a mechanised system) that thinks that all items are “Fashion” and does not differentiate between clothes or antiques.

  3. I find it strange that people buy/sell items of that sort of value on ebay. If I was buying a musical instrument of that value I would want to examine/play it before purchase.

    Most of the car listings are classified ads, rather than auction/instant purchase.

  4. its not sellers ebay need to worry about any more its themselves.

    ebay needs to get real!

    today a violin
    tomorrow a laptop

    pathetic and no doubt they charged the seller their usually £14.00 reversal fee.

    the banks have been investigated about unfair fees and practice and now it should be ebay / paypal terms.

    Lets face it ebay sux !

  5. Paypal seem to be out of tune on this, I’m sure there were stradivarius other options open to them.

  6. PayPal and eBay are an unholy alliance. Nowhere else in commerce can they put a hold on your money on the word of a crooked buyer. Some while back now there was talk of eBay and PayPal parting company – was this just an urban myth? Because I really can’t see this happening!


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