Marketplace Census: where are you selling?

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Chris and I have been working over the past few weeks on the 2012 Tools and Services Guide that will be published at the end of the month.

And we just wanted to make sure that we’re not missing out any marketplaces that Tamebay users sell on and recommend. We’ve got the big names (we think) Amazon, Etsy, eBay and the like. But are we missing anyone out?

So let us know, we’re particlularly keeen to hear about local or niche sites out there that deserve a bit of attention and an entry in the guide.

11 Responses

  1. EKMpowershop deserve a mention as you can import listings from eBay directly into your website if they are your website hosts.

  2. Currently on 11 of our own websites plus
    CQ Out
    but not Ebay (too many scammers)

  3. Our websites are category specific, most with their own domain.
    Subject include..
    Technical Books.
    Morse Keys
    Family Crests
    General Bargains shop for all the odds and ends.
    Model Railways

    We list the same on all the auction sites.
    A database keeps track of everything so once an item is sold and out of stock we remove it from the others and update the database accordingly.

    Our sites work best for us followed by
    CQ Out (improving a lot)
    Ebid (going down the list, was good but seems to have lost its way recently)

    Ioffer and Bidstart are new so too early to say how they will perform.

    Always looking for other outlets. Was considering Bluejay but they don’t do bulk uploads.

    Because there’s no listing fees we can keep stuff on the sites for a while.

    We closed our shop for good on ebay a month or so ago and have no intention of re-opening in the near future.
    The site has become too one sided, expensive and unstable for us to use. Plus all the hassle and constant changes does not help either. (although we still look there occasionally to buy it is no longer our first port of call)

  4. We started with Adflyer before Christmas and some reasonable response from selling on there.

    I think if nothing else it is one to watch if you don’t include it!

  5. FYI, bidStart isn’t very new. We’ve been around since 2005 and have over 6 million listings on our site. We’re bigger than ebay in several categories as we cater specifically to the collectibles categories. If you’re in those categories then performance is not an issue.

    Also, people are usually shocked at the hands-on approach we take to working with our members. So much so that most don’t believe it as they’re often coming from places where they felt ignored.

    We’d be glad to talk to anyone about our background, our approach and our plans. I’m rich at for anyone that needs any background information and I’m our marketing director here.

  6. opened a marketplace end of last year. Nowt to write home about at the moment

    Cheers Bryn

  7. Thanks so much for all these suggestions. We’re getting in touch where we can. Not always easy… so tip them off if you have a contact or ping us.


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