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Time Sensitive and Secure Deliveries

UK Mail specialises in offering innovative parcel, mail and logistics services designed to provide local and international business which suit all their clients’ requirements. Formerly known as Business Post Group, UK Mail has built up their business intuitively over the last 40 years in order to offer some of the most competitive and client-oriented services on the market.

The leading mail delivery and logistics organisation has a national network which consists of over 52 sites and 2,500 vehicles; enabling them to offer customers a fully-integrated service which places their best interests at the core. Whether parcels, letters or pallets; UK Mail can deliver a solution that’s 100% geared towards their customers’ requirements.

UK Mail strives to serve as a dynamic organisation well-equipped to serve clients of all sizes, and from a wide range of different industries. UK Mail’s loyal customer base ranges from giant mobile phone networks to local family-run businesses. They are a company who embraces innovation and strives to take heed of any new technologies which could contribute to the convenience and quality of the services they offer.

Services Designed for Your Business

UK Mail offers a number of carrier services to multinational clients, including stores which operate solely online; delivering parcels, mail and pallets to the addresses specified in a 100% secure and conscientious fashion. Their services are aimed at business-to-business (B2B) organisations which require time-efficient services; having supplied such services to companies including O2 and Talk Talk.

The company is thoroughly delighted to have built-up such an extensive list of international clients and business customers, whom all rely on UK Mail to consistently provide a high level of service that other providers find hard to match. Irrespective of the size of their client’s business, UK Mail has complete confidence that their diverse and high quality services will meet their needs.

Amongst the services available from UK Mail are parcel delivery, mail, courier and specialist logistics, online, and IT solutions and services. The company prides themselves on offering advice and guidance to customers who are unsure of which service is right for them, and cite customer satisfaction as their highest priority in everything they do.

Find Out More About UK Mail

Whether a client is looking for international parcel delivery, a same day courier, or is interested in seeing how online fulfilment solutions could assist them; UK Mail can deliver.

If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact UK Mail or visit our website for further details –

(Text provided by UK Mail.)

15 Responses

  1. We left UK mail after being with them for three years because they kept ramping up our contract rates every three months, we move to Interlink who’s maintained our rates for nearly three years now.
    They also misrouted a lot of parcels and were a nightmare to try and claim anything from when they lost or damagaged parcels.

  2. Absalute pile of s*#t…. There is a reason why they are cheap!!!

    Service is so bad…. Never in my entire business life have I met a company who are so unprofessional. We had such a nightmare that we are taking them to court.

    One massive bad experiance….. Dont let that put you of though :D. But seriously …. Don’t go there !!

  3. so if were really meeting the company what have they got to say about the above comments which I find invaluble and adds more to this site than the actual artical

  4. We recently started using UKMAIL for some specific shipments – yes they’re cheap, but sadly you get what you pay for! They’ve managed to lose more parcels in a few months than DHL would in a year!

  5. there are always two sides of the stories and it is true. we were better off with UK Mail in someways. Now we are with City Link and they are not looking good in terms of failed delivery !

  6. We had another Tamebay ‘Meet the company’ about UK Mail on 9th January. These articles that UK Mail presumably are paying for do Tamebay no favours with the content of the site appearing to be influenced by advertisers rather than being an impartial blog.

  7. Hi Chris.

    I think I speak for most of the people who’ve commented on this thread when I say that I’ll happily endorse a company that I’ve had great service from. A while back you ran a piece on P4D and we’ve used them quite a bit since.
    Consumer choice is important but I cannot find anything positive to say about UK Mail because they have proven themselves to not offer a brilliant service and they change the (contract agreed) rates whenever they see fit.
    Interlink have served us here at Deutscheparts with 100% satisfaction since I moved to them and I thought it right that my experiences were shared on this thread.

  8. Chris,

    Not at all, and if they started to mess me about they’d get the same treatement but that’s not the case.

    Praise where it’s due and all that.

  9. It’s called “Meet the company” for a reason. Rather like at a party, you won’t like everyone you get introduced too. ;o)

    And yes, hearing about the experiences that other people have had can be very useful indeed!

  10. UK Mail are a big NO NO.

    We tried out their service for 1 month, Terrible, they employ some part time self employed drivers, if a deliver fails and that driver is not working the following day then the parcel stays in their van untill they do their next shift, they make 2 delivery attempts, of which u r allowed so many free then you have to pay after ur allowance runs out.

    Terrible cust service, my advise steer clear unless 100% of ur customers are business and are open normal working hrs.

    We use UPS, they make 3 delivery attempts, and they dont charge for them either its all part of the service, They have a FREE exception managment service (emails you when a delivery fails and tells u the reason so you can email your customer – 9 times out of 10 customer was not home)

    They always card customers, they use diferent vans to most couriers, which are racked out with shelves so your parcel does not get thrown around in a empty van.

    We have been with them now for 3 yrs and not a bad word to say and we send high volumes of parcels.

    Well done UPS and keep up the great work


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