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I’ve obviously not been spending enough on eBay recently – PayPal have just emailed me informing me that I’ve got money in my PayPal account!

That’s not unusual, I’ve had a balance in my PayPal account for as long as I can remember, although I’ve been using it less frequently of late. I’m not going to withdraw the balance either – it’s handy for when I want to buy something on eBay.

It makes sense for PayPal to contact people with balances in their accounts though, no point having the money sitting in PayPal’s account when they could be earning fees from payments. Even if it’s in an interest bearing account 3.4% plus 20p per transaction is probably more profitable than the paltry rate of interest the banks are paying these days.

Sadly I’m about to list some old laptops on eBay for sale so the balance will probably grow rather than shrink, but thanks for the reminder PayPal, much appreciated 🙂

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  1. This is the paypal £$ problem. I personally have money sitting there as well, because I can’t find as many bargains as I used to on ebay.

    It’s obvious as to why there aren’t as many bargains, ebay have been taking a larger and larger slice of the fee pie over time. This has resulted in people spending less, so money is taken out of ebay.

    The worst thing they did was bring in all the large business and kneeled down to their power because that money through paypal was always going to be taken out of ebay/paypal and not reinvested.

    Just another bad move by ebay and this was very shortsighted.

  2. A timely reminder. I have withdrawn my balance. Better off in my bank account… when it arrive some time next week.

  3. Had one too. Why send it at all, I use the account every day and, as others have said, why do things officially that make phishing emails easier to hide?

  4. Crazy. An email that’s does all the things that you should be aware of in phishing emails.

    Not quite sure why I got one on my main account which has money going in and out of it many times everyday.

  5. Slightly OT, but I also get emails from 2 of the credit cards I have. Each month reminding me ‘I can spent upto £****’.

    Must need the business…

  6. We had this too , but deleted it , assuming it was a spoof.
    Maybe the way to spot spoofs in the future will be that they are the well written emails , and the poorly crafted ones are from paypal.

  7. If only the ‘you are approaching your balance limit’ emails I get were fake!


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