Introducing eBay UK’s 1 million feedback seller

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Universal Gadgets

Four years is all it’s taken for to become eBay UK’s very first 1 million feedback seller and the first seller in the UK to be awarded the “sweaty” Silver Shooting Star.

It’s been a long time coming but in reality Universal Gadgets have achieved 1 million feedback in record time. They opened their eBay account in November 2008, three months after everydaysource became the first seller in the world to achieve 1 million feedback, but they took eight years to reach the milestone.

The first European seller to hit the 1 million mark was dynamic-trade in Germany in 2011 and they took ten years to hit a million. Universal Gadgets have done it in just three and a half years which is a truly phenomenal rate of sales. They’re a Top Rated Seller and their DSRs stack up pretty well all being 4.9s or perfect 5s.

One thing stands out that Universal Gadgets have got so right, and that’s that they offer same day dispatch on their products. I’ve long held the belief that when selling on eBay that the faster the customer gets the product the happier the buyer will be. I know that it’s tricky for sellers to manage and over the years many have argued that this level of service isn’t needed. However for those that can provide it the feedback results speak for themselves.

Huge congratulations from all at Tamebay, we know just how much hard work goes into the daily grind of picking, packing and shipping and what amazes me most is that they have less than 1000 SKUs listed on eBay. That means that their Best Match placement is working well and they’ve had an average of 1000 sales for each product line. and that is almost a cast iron guarantee, that along with Top Rated Seller status, their products will always be at the top of eBay search results.

You can read more about Ken Emechebe, the owner of Universal Gadgets, on eBay SellerSphere.

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  1. How ever you look at this: getting one million feedback is bloody impressive. Doing it so quickly makes it doubly so and it just shows that maintaining high DSRs is very possible even with so many transactions. I bow down.

  2. Tremendous work. Getting what must be nearly two million transactions under their belts is a serious amount of volume being shifted there. I hate to imagine how many CS emails that means.

    Brilliant to maintain Top Rated Seller status with 0.67% negative and 0.70% neutral feedback this month and trending downwards. Must be lucky with their 1s and 2s.

  3. Crikey!!!

    Imagine being stuck behind him in the queue at the Post Office!!!

  4. Not to take away from this accomplishment but the comparison to everydaysource isn’t exactly fair.

    everydaysource and three other ids are all run by the same company. All four ids received their millionth feedbacks around the same time. All four ids now have well over two million each with one well over 2.5M. So what universal gadgets did in four years everydaysource did four as much in just twice the time. And in the past four years they have done slightly more than four times as much in the same amount of time. Granted that last one isn’t exactly fair since everydaysource already dominated the marketplace and Universal Gadgets had to start from scratch.

  5. Well done. I love the fact that they have done this acheivment while running under 1000 skus. I also like their simple and clear listings.

    Chris Dawson, do you know anything about”giantsystems/cascade”, which it looks like they are using as a backend?

  6. 1 million is impressive however I don’t share the back patting, I am one of many of their unhappy customers, I’ve never been treated so badly in my life by any eBayer or other business. The only negative I ever left and the only case I ever had to open in 10yrs trading on eBay and I didn’t do it lightly I assure you.



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