musicMagpie smash 10 million feedback milestone on eBay

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Today musicMagpie are top of the world! At 3.14pm this Monday afternoon, they become the first ever eBay seller in the world to smash the 10 million feedback milestone. This is an amazing achievement by the company founded in in 2007 by Steve Oliver (pictured above) and Walter Gleeson, which initially focused on pre-owned CDs, buying from and selling to consumers. Today, they are a leader of re-commerce in the UK and US in the circular economy of consumer technology, books and disc media.

The 10 millionth feedback for musicMagpie was for a ‘The Very Best Of Josef Locke’ CD.

Music Magpie 10 million feedbackHere at Tamebay we are totally in awe of the 10 million feedback achievement. Anyone that’s sold on eBay knows just how much effort goes into selling and the mind boggles at the thought of shipping 10 million items… and they’ve actually shipped triple that number as they have left over 32 million feedback for their buyers – not every buyer takes the time to leave feedback so this really is a mammoth milestone for the company.

It wasn’t until 2011 musicMagpie began listing products for sale on eBay. At the same time they have also increased their physical presence, growing their chain of retail outlets to over 30 stores. Then ten years on, earlier in 2021, musicMagpie was listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market so it’s truly been a year of achievements for the business.

musicMagpie also hit the headlines in 2021 at the G7 summit in Cornwall this year when they unveiled Mount Recyclemore to highlight the huge threat E-waste poses to the environment. Mount Recyclemore, created by the artist Joe Rush and musicMagpie, a giant sculpture of the G7 leaders’ heads made entirely of discarded electronics, was originally situated on Sandy Acres beach opposite the G7 summit in Carbis Bay. Mount Recyclemore certainly caught the attention of the G7 leaders and has now been relocated to Stockport and can be seen in the image above outside the musicMagpie offices.

Naturally today is a day of celebration at this massive first, both for eBay and for musicMagpie. No one else has yet come close to the 10 million feedback milestone and only a handful have broken the 5 million feedback barrier… following musicMagpie who were also first to 5 million feedback in 2017.

I imagine corks will be popping at musicMagpie and at eBay HQ both in Richmond and San Jose today….. 10,000,000 feedback! Wow! Massive congratulations to the entire musicMagpie team!

“After our float on the stock market earlier this year, the good news keeps on coming. We’ve worked with eBay for over ten years, and we’re immensely proud to hit the 10 million feedback milestone – it’s a huge testament to our team and the trust our customers have in us. We thoroughly enjoy working in partnership with eBay and look forward to hitting the 20 million milestone!”
– Steve Oliver, co-Founder and Group CEO, musicMagpie

“Everyone at eBay is delighted by what Steve and his team at musicMagpie have achieved. As one of our earliest UK business sellers, it has been a joy to watch them go from a garage start-up to a multi-million-pound business. The 10 million feedback milestone is no easy feat and is a testament to musicMagpie’s brilliant product offering, value and first-class service. They’ve made the most out of what eBay’s marketplace has to offer, and we couldn’t be happier to have played a role in their success. We can’t wait to see what record they break next.”
– Murray Lambell, UK General Manager, eBay

11 Responses

  1. It is actually hard to get feedback on eBay these days I used to rack up 300 plus a month I know sales are not anywhere near what they used to be on that site but still hardly anyone bothers anymore for what does sell.

  2. Find ebay buyers are not to bad for leaving feedback and don’t really worry if they don’t. Get the odd ebay buyer asking for feedback which I don’t see the point of. They have bought something and now they want a well done sticker for paying for it.
    I just can’t get Amazon buyers to leave feedback.

  3. Music Magpie’s “meticulous quality checks” consist of a barcode scan, a quick glance and shoving it in an envelope…whilst undercutting every actually good seller.

    Besides they don’t even care about the products they sell… they’re founded by bankers, intent on running MM at a loss to drive out all competition in the used media market, to gain a monopoly (on eBay at least)…and then what? Well they’ll rarely get their hands on highly sought after items, you’d hope most people would have more sense than to flog it to MM for 10p.

    Their latest tactic is to market themselves as “green”, absolutely hilarious just how much packaging and pollution do MM pump out? All those deliveries sent to and from MM. People would be better off keeping their old stuff for the price offered. After MM’s “quality checks” most stuff is only suitable for landfill anyway. To be truly “green” would be to sell nothing at all!

    Bottom line is I will never deal with them in any way.

  4. i find the most annoying thing about Amazon feedback is buyer using it a means you tell you that their item hasn’t arrived or there is an issue with it, without actually contacting you 1st to remedy this.

  5. Despite their commercial succes, also look at their negative feedbacks. There are a lot of them, and they are very bad. I bought some secondhand cd’s from MusicMagpie, but they got a very poor quality check. Never again for me and I prefer to buy at a private seller with better quality customer service.

  6. Totally agree. Bought several items from them in the past…. yet many arrived with grubby fingermarks, scratches that were obviously going to cause jumping etc. In fact it was quite clear that they had come in and gone straight out with noinspection whatsoever…
    Haven’t used them since.

  7. wait – you bought some second hand items.. and they wasn’t new ? shock horror – please remember to neg them

  8. Ian, no one expects second hand items to be “as new”. However, second hand doesn’t – and shouldn’t – automatically mean trashed. I have personally rejected thousands of CDs that I could have sold on over the years – but didn’t – because they were scratched or marked beyond redemption. Many people do actually take care of their things though.

    The point that the above posters were making is that most of what MM churns out can barely be considered “acceptable” (the lowest eBay grade) because their “meticulous quality checks” are non-existent.

  9. Over 11 thousand feedbacks last month, of which 550 negative and 650 neutral. The comments are horrific.

  10. Ian, you miss the point. Music magpie claim they check every item for quality ( at least they used to), So yes, i would expect something to be clean and work correctly.
    If i make the claim that the itesm i seel are checked and all working, and they weren’t checked and were damaged beyond use…. i would expect to be hauled up, not praised for selling so much!
    It is easy to seel lots of stuff ona promise that you consistantly fail to deliver on.
    On that note… i have some old dirty, scratched, jumpy cds for sale…. they have been checked and passed my stringent quality controls… i can do you a deal?

  11. Toby, they do still claim that, though obviously not updated things for a while:

    “This product has passed our meticulous quality checks and is guaranteed to be in great condition. With over 7 million ratings, you can buy from us with confidence.” So that was about 3 million feedback ago. I think they should change it to “If it’s cack, you can have your money back”

    Personally, I don’t have a problem buying from a seller like MM with 99.5% positive feedback, mainly because so many negative feedback leavers are at best moaning minnies, at worst, total lunatics. Even with MM, about 60% is down to their lack of quality control, with the rest being late/INR (usually not the seller at fault and not something that can be avoided) and when I looked, 3 out of 25 on the first page of negatives were clearly positives, but the buyers had ticked the wrong box.


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