Voi Jeans: New eBay Outlet with Storefeeder

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Voi Jeans

There’s another new retailer on eBay’s Fashion Hub – just became an eBay Enterprise Seller and launched their official outlet store on eBay.

Voi Jeans specialise in the latest designs in men’s and women’s fashion including jeans, polos, jumpers, jackets and accessories. They were actively looking to grow their online sales for both Amazon and eBay but had to list products manually which was becoming an administrative chore. Having tried other 3rd party systems, Voi Jeans chose StoreFeeder to manage their multi-channel ecommerce operation.

What Voi Jeans needed was automated Inventory management; Courier Integration; Purchase Orders; and Order Processing. They have also been invited to participate in the eBay Daily and Weekly deals program.


We don’t normally write about every new Enterprise seller on eBay – there are just too many signing up to eBay these days to cover them all! However what attracted my attention to Voi Jeans was their partnership with StoreFeeder who become an approved eBay Enterprise Seller Solution provider in the process.

In order to become an eBay Enterprise Seller Solution StoreFeeder needed to add in functionality some of which is only available for eBay Enterprise Sellers. These features include Bulk inventory listing; Strike through pricing; Template Support; Bulk Template Updates; Automated Relisting when booking stock in; Unlimited Product Attributes; and the Ability to support the Daily Deals and Weekly Deals promotions.

Brian Willimson, MD at StoreFeeder told us “We’re very excited to have gained the status of an approved eBay Enterprise Seller solution. After an intensive evaluation period with eBay they now appreciate that our software is to a standard that can service their top level sellers, which is a claim we’re very proud of. StoreFeeder is an extremely scalable solution as we can now offer support to all types of eBay accounts, from startups right up to established businesses“.

StoreFeeder is working well for Voi Jeans who said “Since going live with StoreFeeder we’ve seen an instant benefit in the ability to add products to multiple channels, with controlled stock levels, within minutes. We’ve now got a lot more time to deal with the massive increase in orders we’ve seen after going live. Our business on marketplaces has more than trebled since we started using StoreFeeder“.

A threefold increase in sales isn’t out of the ordinary when a company implements a structured multichannel approach. The biggest problem with both eBay and Amazon isn’t getting the sales, it’s being able to get stock live on the marketplaces and managing inventory and sales.

StoreFeeder integrates with 18 different online sales channels and 9 courier solutions including MetaPack for intelligent shipping with the most cost effective carrier. The solution is now suitable for online retailers from small sellers wanting to get started with multichannel selling right up to established businesses and Enterprise sellers.

3 Responses

  1. Looks a good piece of software but they told me they are unable to list new items to Azazon at present, shame as it would have been worth considering otherwise

  2. @Trophyman Hi there! It was good to speak with you yesterday, and thanks for the kind words about our software.

    You are right however about inserting new products into the Amazon catalogue. So far we’ve been taking the time to master the complete eBay integration, but now we’re focusing on the Amazon integration, with inserting new products into the catalogue being the final task on our list. This will be complete as from the end of July, after beta testing on a few of our existing clients.

    Gemma @ StoreFeeder

  3. The daily deals on ebay (fashion section) are in the main the same big retailers. Some of the deals are very good for sure, and the section has improved month on month.

    As a Platinum Powerseller, I was asked to provide some items for the daily deal via my account manager, which I did. I worked hard with a supplier to get a pretty Earth shattering deal – a Tuxedo shirt, bow tie, cummerband, cufflinks, presentation box, all posted for £15 inc vat. The supplier put alot of trust in me and we were talking upto 4000 units. What I am dismayed about is that a new retailer can come onto ebay, with no trading history and have a daily deal. My deal never happened, as I never got the go ahead (even though I was told it would). The result is I lost all credibility with the supplier etc, not to say the hours of effort I put in.

    I think eBay should have a section from small retailers – I think they would find great bargains and real commitment from the small seller. Yes I am sure Voi jeans will be good, but don’t forget your core sellers eBay!


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