The Internet Association lobby group formed in US

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Some of the biggest names on the Internet including, according to Reuters, eBay, Amazon, Google and Facebook are joining forces and collaborating as The Internet Association, a pro-internet lobbying group based in Washington US.

Details are sparse, their website simply states that they will be representing the interests of America’s leading Internet companies and their global community of users. Full launch is expected in September, but they’ve already landed Michael Beckerman as President and CEO, who most recently served Deputy Staff Director to the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Many of the companies involved already spend on political lobbying, with Google and Facebook spending significant amounts. eBay have a website dedicated to Government Relations (i.e. lobbying) known as eBay Main Street.

It will be interesting to see the joint policy positions, most of the times the big Internet companies agree on policy, but often with subtle differences in their stance. It has to be said working together is likely to give greater impact than each lobbying separately for their individual. What will happen when The Internet Association members have diametrically different view points will be even more interesting.

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  1. Has to be better that the FOEB efforts made by that scouser who sold the jiffy bags…who was he…I forget…he dresses up now as a jungle bird (what an idiot by the way, a search on you tube shows him driving around in a Lambo).


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