Wall Street predicts strong Q2 eBay results

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When the Nasdaq stock exchange closes today, eBay Inc. will report its second quarter results for 2012. There’s nothing unusual in that: it happens as regular as clockwork.

But what has caught my notice is that financial analysts are widely predicting very strong results for eBay Inc. And as someone who has been keeping a close eye on eBay’s results for more than a decade, it feels like a long time since many of the hard-hearted, jaded and impossible-to-please banker types on Wall Street have been so positive in expectation of quarterly earnings.

It’s not that surprising in some senses that the Q2 results will be good. eBay (as you will see from the chart in this post) has seen an upward trend sharewise over most of the past year. The company’s 2011 results were good and Q1 wasn’t a disapointment either. It’s largely PayPal’s results that impress Wall Street but Marketplaces performance has improved too.

What should we looking out for later?
It looks like PayPal will report having had a stellar quarter but also look out for a strong performance from eBay aquisition Bill Me Later. For most eBay traders, the performance of the Mrketplaces division of eBay Inc will be of most interets and any related announcements they makee.

Here are some summaries:

Marketwatch: eBay Results expected to show growth
ChannelAdvisor: eBay Q2 Results Preview (from an eBay seller’s perspective.)
Reuters: eBay’s hottest business brings benefits, risks

Why does this matter?
The quarterly earnings call is one of the few occasions when the eBay panjandra talk to the world and answer questions. You’ll find out how much money they’re making, what they plan to do, what’s working and also possibly divine things from whatever clues they let slip.

We’ll report the results when they’re released, on Tamebay tomorrow.

9 Responses

  1. Sales for me are well down year on year but ebays value keeps going up #confusedyoubet

  2. I wish I could say that my sales are rising but like the others my sales are flat or slightly declining.

    ebay of course does not rely on people like us(except perhaps in bulk) but on the large multi-nationals using ebay to dispose of slow moving or obsolete stock in bulk. So I doubt if ebay is that worried about us mere mortals as long as the bottom line keeps the Money Men of Wall Street Happy.

  3. If we are all comparing how well we are doing on eBay I guess I’ll share positive news. As a third party developer for eBay sellers I took in more in Q2 2012 than I did in the entire year 2010 and more than double what Q2 2011 brought in.

  4. we have moved upwards this year from being just Busy ebay fools, to being the complete asylum,


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