ChannelAdvisor beefs up Amazon repricer

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ChannelAdvisor launched their Autumn update last week which focuses on two key areas essential to retailers in the run up to Christmas – Amazon Repricing and Google Product Listing Ads.


Price is one of the determining factors in winning the Amazon Buy Box, so ChannelAdvisor introduced some powerful updates to their Repricer technology. ChannelAdvisor tell us that their Repricer offers:

Better information

Amazon has changed the rules, but they use their expert logic to evaluate the competitive landscape, so you
can determine the most profitable repricing strategies for your products, even allowing individual rules for different product criteria such as product type, brands, age in warehouse, condition, Fulfilment by Amazon and more.

Unprecedented frequency control

ChannelAdvisor’s Repricer allows you to reprice the products that matter the most to you at a higher frequency, maximising the full capacity allowed by Amazon and ensuring that those items are winning the Buy Box again and again.

Easier set up process and enhanced visibility

They’ve streamlined and simplified the rule set up process to speed launch time, and added activation and testing management within the dashboard to provide greater control over your repricing strategy.

Predictive capabilities

ChannelAdvisor provide a real-time preview into how your repricing rules will compare to other retailers BEFORE you set your strategy, providing immediate feedback on your repricing strategy and leaving little room for errors and uncertainty.

Google Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping)

In advance of Google Shopping’s release in EMEA will launch worldwide in 2013, ChannelAdvisor’s Autumn Release includes new technology to help retailers overcome the challenge of managing and optimizing Google’s Product Listing Ads, which are the foundation of the forthcoming Google Shopping program. You’ll want to get to grips with these as Google Product Search as we know it will soon disappear.

ChannelAdvisor has combined the power of its industry-leading feed management software with reporting and optimisation tools specific to PLAs, creating a new feature that provides retailers a unified platform to manage this important channel.

I’m often asked which multi-channel management a solution should opt for and the truth is that for marketplace and website all the competing platforms do the job. ChannelAdvisor’s unique advantage over their competitors is their Paid Search (Google Adwords) solution and their Comparison Shopping Feeds (which is where Google Product Listing Ads fall).

If you want to get ahead on Google search, either paid or shopping, then you should at least consider ChannelAdvisor. I have heard of some companies who started out using ChannelAdvisor purely for these two features and don’t use them to manage marketplace listings – that’s how good their search and comparison shopping solutions are.


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