Microsoft Surface scheduled for Oct 26th launch

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The Christmas rush for the latest hot products is going to be more interesting than ever this year, with the release of the Microsoft Surface scheduled for October the 26th.

The Surface is Microsoft’s answer to the Apple iPad and it’ll be one of the first devices to be running the Windows 8 operating system. In a first for Microsoft the Surface will be a series of Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware devices. That’s not pleasing hardware manufacturers who have partnered with Microsoft over the years, although they’ve manufactured the xBox they’ve never made pure computing devices before, instead allowing other manufacturers to make PCs and Laptops to run Windows on.

Microsoft plan to sell the device themselves, with 32 pop up store sites earmarked across the US for the launch date. These will be temporary locations in addition to the (surprising low) couple of dozen permanent Microsoft stores in the US. That will be a challenge for Microsoft, Apple who will be the main competitor for the Surface have stores in almost every major city in the world.

Regardless how difficult it is to buy in a retail store sales of the new device are expected to be strong. The big question is if you’re planning to buy a tablet which should you go for? Would you buy a Microsoft Surface instead of an Apple iPad?

What about Android tablets, which whilst adequate for browsing and email aren’t a patch on a laptop when it comes to functions such as word processing – with a detachable keyboard the Surface solves both the hardware and software limitations of other devices. Will Microsoft be able to attract customers away from Apple and Android by offering a Windows device on which you could install almost any software you choose?

I’m definitely tempted by the Surface, but with the price likely to be over £1000 it’s probably not going to be an immediate purchase. It’s looking very attractive though and as I’m not already an Apple customer I’d certainly favour it over the iPad.

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  1. I doubt it will be £1000. When Microsoft first released the Xbox 360 they were selling it at a loss and making it up through software and xbox live subscriptions. That paid off brilliantly and I think Microsoft will do the same with the Surface. I’ve read reports that it will sell in the US for $500 so in the U.K when you take into account import duties.. VAT and then the dubious round upwards to match the currency.. Maybe £500. Anymore then it will flop against the iPad and the possible 7inch iPad that might come out.

  2. It won’t be anywhere near £1000, a low power tablet won’t cost more than an ultrabook. They announced the price to be $200 which should translate to £200 or so in the UK.

    It will probably costs another £100-200 for the pro version.

  3. I have had an iPhone, an IPad and a MacBook pro. I am fed up of being locked into Apple everything. Some things are easy and some things impossible to do. I will move over to Windos 8 phone and MS Surface pro as soon as it is feasible to do so. stuck with phone contract 🙂 I still do my work on a Windows Desk Top

  4. I’m so excited. I hope its less than $500 cuz I’m in college and a tablet would be so handy. I’ve been waiting for this. IPad is great, but I want to be able to run flash on my tablet, and I want Microsoft word for notes. Counting down the days!!!

  5. Dare I say but $500 is to much. And the reason why I say that last time I heard there was only about 700 application for windows 8 it is a bit of an unknown as to how well windows 8 will do in the market if Microsoft sell this for $299 I believe it will be the first time you will see a que For another product other than Apples. Also I believe this will kick start development which will spill over into the phones the more people that can get there hands on it the better. But alas its Microsoft and one can but dream

  6. Microsoft Surface scheduled for October the 26th wont run any windows programs as it will be running windows RT. it will only run new apps from MS app store.
    However MS Surface pro launched in January is full blown windows running on an Intel i5 processor so it will run all windows programs. So the RT version may be as little as £200 but the Pro version could be £1000.

  7. HAHA the cost of the Surface RT will not be anywhere near $1000, that’s just stupid. The rumours are it will be priced to compete with the Nexus 7, around $200. When the Pro version comes out we’re looking around $600, but that will be coming after Christmas I believe.


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