New Volvo FH truck launched on eBay

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What do you do when you’re planning a new social media campaign for your greatest and most important product release ever? Stick the whole shebang on eBay of course.

At least that’s what Swedish advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors advised Volvo for the . Of course there’s an auction involved on eBay Germany Motors, the first ever #1 Volvo FH truck is a one-off special edition and a collector’s item and emblazoned across the top of the cab are the words “Here comes #1” just in case there was any doubt that this was the first off the production line.

The reasoning behind the launch on eBay is that truckers are pretty hard to connect with, no one really knows what they read or even where they are most of the time. However research showed that they’re generally interested in cars and are always looking for spare parts on eBay or indeed for accessories for their sleeper cabs.

People all over Europe can . The starting bid was €1 but is now well over €200,000 and all money from the auction will go to Star for Life, a charity that helps children fight HIV in South Africa which Volvo Group have been involved for several years.

There are a number of videos embedded in the auction to show the handling of the new truck my favourite of which has to be the ballerina stunt.

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  1. Whenever I see trucks on the road they are usually emblazoned with a Company Name. Usually that of a Large Supermarket Chain or a Haulier. It is true that some carry the names of smaller companies sometimes giving the impression that they might be owner/drivers.

    So I find myself wondering just who does make the buying decisions in regard to the major purchase of a Truck? Is it the Trucker(ie the driver) or the Managing Director or perhaps the Fleet Manager?

    Years ago I worked for a while in a Garage Chain and part of my job involved the Sales of Trucks. In probably the majority of sales the buyer was the Fleet Manager rather than a driver. Now I know that this was about 35 years ago but is it the same today or has it changed significantly?

    So will a Truck Launch on ebay really get through to the MD of a major Haulier? or perhaps a launch on ebay might be seen by a Trucker who then collars his boss and suggests that it might be worthwhile looking on ebay for their New Trucks and wouldn’t the Boss really like to own #1 of this tremendous new Volvo?

    I must admit that I would be surprised but stranger things have happened in my lifetime.


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