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The OECD has slashed its forecast for UK growth more than for any other major country in its latest economic forecast, it’s chopped the 0.5% growth it predicted in May down to -0.7% in what must be a blow for the coalition government.

Pretty much the only part of the economy which is growing are the countries small businesses, and anything that can support them is good news.

Royal Mail Simple Ways To Grow

Royal Mail want to support the small businesses that are going to be important in returning our economy to growth in the next few years and have put together a marketing package to support them. Known as “Simple Ways To Grow”, it’s ideal for

• People thinking about starting up a new business or organisation.
• Businesses that have already got off the ground and are making decisions on how to market themselves and what tools they need.
• Businesses that are already trading and are focused on getting new customers and making their business more effective.

The two main things that new businesses focus on in the early days are finding new customers and managing their costs.

What’s included in Simple Ways To Grow?

Royal Mail has brought together a group of partners to offer small businesses a range of essential, easy to use services, bundled into flexible, value for money packages designed specifically to help smaller companies find new customers and manage themselves more effectively.

By bringing the partners together they’re able to offer some great deals and help spread the cost more evenly across the year – something small businesses continually say they want. The services include:

• A promotional website or an ecommerce online store from website design and hosting company e.pages who already have over 50,000 customers worldwide.
• Direct marketing lists of businesses and consumers from dbsdata
• Mail and print service from docmail and email service from NewZapp
• Accounting software from FreeAgent
• Plus discounts on Parcelforce services

Packages start from as little as £28 + VAT per month and for that you can choose either 500 new business prospects or 500 new consumer prospects each month. Other packages offer larger numbers along with mailshots and emailshots to assist you in growing your business.

Should marketplace sellers trial Simple Ways To Grow?

I’ve known many eBay and Amazon sellers over the years who wished they could figure out how to grow their own website sales and become less dependent on marketplace sales. Royal Mail’s Simple Ways To Grow offering (which is priced at less than the monthly fee for a Featured eBay shop) could assist you in freeing yourself to grow your own website and, despite the gloomy economic forecast for the country as a whole, boost your business in the run up to Christmas.

One Response

  1. I suppose it is a “nice gesture” and for a few people it might be helpful. Personally I would have preferred Royal Mail to to stick to their knitting, if they really wanted to help small businesses why not lower the volume levels required to qualify for business / bulk discounts? In other words make their product cheaper for small businesses to use.

    I shall now step down off my personal and beloved soap box 🙂


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