Stupid stunt on eBay gets worldwide publicity

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It’s a long time since I’ve seen a high profile case of naked bodies on an eBay auction, but there’s an example doing the rounds at the moment.

The practice is called “Reflectoporn“, and one of the earliest cases was a naked man reflected in the kettle he was selling, and every so often a few new examples turn up. As in the latest case, it’s normal for the perpetrator to deny all knowledge and declare that it was accidental, especially when eBay then cancel your listing.

This time it’s the turn of 21 year old Aimi Jones to post her near naked image on eBay. Whilst you can easily find the image on the Internet we thought we’d spare Ms Jones any further embarrassment and cover her modesty in the screen shot.

Although she had a bra on, that was all she was wearing and she professes embarrassment at the world seeing her privates….

…But not quite enough embarrassment to prevent her reposting the listing for the size 10 ASOS yellow skater dress she was selling. The only difference is that this time she’s covered herself with a donkey jacket, although it’s obvious from the latest image that she’s still in a state of undress underneath the coat.

Why people do this I don’t know. Do people really suddenly decide half way though changing that now would be a great time to grab the camera to sell their dress? How many naked ladies are running around their homes in bras and no knickers taking photos and listing on eBay?

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  1. “How many naked ladies are running around their homes in bras and no knickers taking photos and listing on eBay?”

    Food for thought.

  2. “How many naked ladies are running around their homes in bras and no knickers taking photos and listing on eBay?”

    ALL of them 🙂

  3. Ebay don’t object when when naked ladies are buying on ebay.

    As always one rule for buyers and one rule for sellers.

  4. forget all the tutorials get yer kit off to sell on ebay, listings with pictures of me wearing only wellies showing my fat hairy arse are doing great

  5. Slow news day is it? You cited two examples one male, one female. “How many people” would be less sexist. /snark

    Answer = only the stupid ones

  6. Stupid Henrietta or wise> I’m sure the dress sold a lot faster and the girl in question got the publicity she so obviously craves.

  7. @ Natalie
    You are right in that she certainly got publicity but how did the item sell on eBay? The listing got pulled.

    Presumably she had to pay another insertion fee to re-list? eBay shows no bids on the completed re-listing which may well be an eBay quirk but what are the odds that anybody actually paid upwards of £150K for a dress.

    screenshot Mail Online Jan 16

  8. I don’t purport to know if this was done intentionally or not, but here’s an interesting experiment to try:

    1) Use image editing software (such as Mac’s Preview) to crop a .jpg image.

    2) Save the cropped image to a new file.

    3) Upload the new file to a file sharing site, such as Google Drive.

    4) Look at the uploaded file.

    Guess what? Some edited .jpg files retain information from the original image, and sometimes the original dimensions get displayed, not the cropped dimensions.

    All I’m saying is that it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that the seller took time to crop herself out of the image, yet she managed to achieve her 15 minutes of fame nonetheless.

    P.S. Moral of the story? Save your cropped .jpg images as .png files.

  9. She knew full well what she was doing. She’s previously listed underwear for sale which she was actually wearing in the listings photo



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