eBay site bug cancelling orders today?

There may be a problem on eBay, we’ve got a seller who has shipped four items which eBay have now refunded.

The orders originally appeared in Selling Manager Pro, but then disappeared and at one time with orders showing at a not very impressive minus 1.

We don’t know if this is a very isolated glitch and eBay seller protection is kicking in, cancelling orders from a dodgy buyer, or if it’s a more widespread site issue. However we’d recommend checking off your orders against your eBay and PayPal account to ensure they marry up and you’re not shipping goods which have been refunded.

Any more information would be gratefully received, please add in comments below.

Edited to add: eBay and PayPal have between them discovered the cause of the problem. During this morning’s maintenance period some orders that were paid for were within a few seconds reversed in PayPal and eBay never updated the orders to show them as unpaid. Of course the buyers would likely have assumed that they had actually paid.

eBay support haven’t been that helpful and have eschewed all responsibility saying it’s a PayPal problem. PayPal say that it’s an eBay problem but for the seller we’ve been speaking to have said they’ll take a look at putting things right as it’s a relatively small amount of money. We’d still advise checking to see if you have any unpaid orders.

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It would appear that there's a 40+ minute wait for Top Rated Seller support so we won't be getting any news from them any time soon :-(

Chris Dawson • 26th April 2013 •

The whole site is falling apart. Loads of people unable to access Community Boards or even their SMP page. I got into PSB earlier, but I can't get into boards now - 'http 500 internal server error' I had just marked my SMP 'despatched' list and it hung for ages, refreshed page and they had gone through but now can't get onto boards. No wonder sales are so dire if this is what buyers are getting. Sales have fallen off the cliff since 2nd April, suddenly sprang into life Wednesday evening for a few hours, then died again. No orders at all since about 9.00pm Thursday night. Of course eBay are adamant everything is working just fine.

Toadlady • 26th April 2013 •

Oh and to add insult to injury, when CS replied to my query as to whether there was a technical problem causing lack of sales i was told 'You've subscribed to shop and it has monthly fixed charges. Hence as you're not getting enough sales at this time, you can close the shop and list the items under "Auction" format. Also under "Auction" format, you get 100 listings without any insertion fee in 30 days if you keep the starting price upto GBP 0.99. This will help you reduce your listing fees.' Just where do they get these people from? Since when do Registered Business Sellers TRS Power Sellers etc get '100 free auction listings'. Even if we did - I have 100+ GTC BIN listings multiple quantity blah blah. They obviously have no maths qualifications, even I know I couldn't list or sell enough auctions to make up for what I'm down on BINs this month.

Toadlady • 26th April 2013 •

I agree about SMP - keeps falling off, and going to another page - where yuo cannot see the search button - I tried waiting for customer services today and gave up after 15 mins.. bit rubbish if you are trying to look things up for customers, or end listings

Rachael White • 26th April 2013 •

Friday morning I had a few orders which had duplicated with customers calling shortly after explaining they thought they had only ordered one and could I cancel one of their purchases... but by the time I had logged on BOTH of their orders had been refunded without me doing anything. I assume as a "precaution" (for the buyer but not necessarily the seller) they refunded all orders affected. After holding for 40 minutes (!) they answered with "Hello reception" and took my number and told me they'd call me back later that day as they were experiencing difficulties... they didn't.

Danny • 27th April 2013 •