eBay Tony: Have you seen this man? #ebaytonywatch

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Over the last few days, there’s only been one man on eBay that keeps popping up. It’s Tony. The new face of Buyer Protection. Have you seen him? Do you trust him?

tony big

What do we know about Tony? Why should we trust him? Have you met him or spoken to him? Who is he?

We need to know more. Keep ’em peeled. #ebaytonywatch

21 Responses

  1. He popped up the day eBay were on Watchdog which I thought odd. They ran a piece on a guy not getting his money back on a faulty helicopter from a private seller. I’m guessing its some PR to balance that bad press out!

  2. I think he looks totes amazeballs, I’m sure I’ve seen him on TOWIE as Mario’s stand in

  3. His smile lines around his eyes were photoshopped in…he’s not really that cheerful in real life!

  4. Some say that he’s terrified of ducks, and that there’s an airport in Russia named after him… all we know is, he’s called eBay Tony

  5. He used to work at the chip shop in town. He wore a suit then, knew he wouldn’t last.

    Think he was replaced by a guy called Elvis.

    Makes a change from the ‘your in safe hands’ lady – the one that looks like the receptionist at the Vasectomy Clinic.

  6. the silly sods laughing because were the daft buggers who pay for this wonderful promise

  7. Hi all this is my nephew and yes i would trust him and he does smile a lot.

    Cheers Tony

  8. I think I bought double glazing off him. Either that or he was the guy with a suitcase full of polish, bushes, dusters, combs and other similar items. I’m sure he has called at my door at one time or another.

    Got it!

    He wanted to save me thousands by switching my internet, gas, electricity and telephone.

    You Gotta switch!

  9. Everytime I log in to ebay I get that message. Tony is pretty annoying lol.

    Conincidentally, I’ve had a few disputes opened against me, in a number of days since Tony popped up. Usually i’d only get a few every few months.

  10. I spoke to a Tony in eBay CS in Dublin a few weeks ago. He was quite rude and talked over me a lot.

    I wonder if it’s the same chap.


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