12 free gallery images from 1st August 2013

No primary category set

Free Gallery smeBay confirmed this morning that you’ll get 12 free gallery pictures from the 1st of August.

From next month every listing can move their images from within their item template into the main eBay gallery set of 12 images and it won’t cost you a penny (bar staff costs to redo your listings.

There is however a price to pay and that’s eBay’s new picture standards:

No picture, no listing

Every listing bar a few categories such as tickets must have at least one gallery image.

Stock images

You can use stock images (or images from the eBay catalogue) for new products, but if you’re selling any used products than stock images are banned. Moving forward you’ll need to shoot a picture for each and every used item you list on eBay.

No borders, text, decorations

You need to remove all borders, text, flags and other accoutrements from your images. eBay now want clean images preferably on a white background and you will want to ensure that the product fills the image size – don’t have a tiny image in the middle of a huge expanse of white space.

Big is beautiful

The smallest image will need to be 500 pixels on the longest side. However eBay can accept images up to 1600 pixels square. If you want buyers to be able to zoom then make sure you upload large images.

In the past bandwidth for uploading was an issue but with broadband that’s no longer an issue for most people so get your images refreshed.

Linnworks integrate Removethebackground.com

LinnworksTo make it even easier for their customers to get great quality images, Linnworks have just integrated Removethebackground.com right into the Linnworks management software.

Removethebackground offer a low cost, hassle-free, image editing service for websites to remove backgrounds and rework images ready for the web.

Remove The BackgroundWith the impending deadline and the emphasis on tightly cropped images without borders, logos, or slogans, and clean white backgrounds, Linnworks have added the ability to integrate Removethebackground’s image editing service with Linnworks, so you can use it on images already on Linnworks’s image server when creating new listings, or revising existing ones.

Linnworks have full documentation on the process as well as a video walkthough of how to use Removethebackgroun with your Linnworks multichannel management software.

3 Responses

  1. I wonder why we have to wait for 1st August to get the 12 free pictures?

    After all those sellers with lots of mods for undersized or otherwise non-compliant pictures have probably made a start already.

    Seems a tad unfortunate to make sellers with the most work to do have to make a second pass over listings to take advantage of the extra pics?

  2. I’m starting to think a few things about the image standards/picture pack.

    1. I think eBay are already moving listings up the search for TRS sellers meeting the new standards.

    2. The free picture pack from August 1st. Why August 1st? Could it be that they want us all to revise our good till cancelled listings with the new picture standards?


  3. I’m wondering how on earth are ebay are going to police the text/borders policy ?

    Maybe the same way they ignore duplicate listing reports…..



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