eBay are charging an extra £0.92 per listing

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eBay imagesWith almost predictable timing, on the first day of the eBay discussion boards going down for planned maintenance eBay appear to have cocked up fees. That’s left sellers with nowhere on eBay to find out what’s going on.

When listing or editing eBay are adding “Picture Pack” fees to each listing adding 92p per listing to your eBay invoice. We don’t know how widespread the problem is, but it’s bad enough that there’s an automated message when you ring customer support.

Whilst we know how frustrating this is we have every confidence that eBay will rectify the issue and credit all associated fees back to your account, it’ll only become a problem if your eBay invoice becomes payable before the credits occur.

Check your fees when editing or listing, especially if you’re using a third party program for listing. Make sure that you’ve funds available to pay you invoice and watch out on the eBay Announcement board for more news (eBay have yet to post anything about the issue).

It’s worth noting that Picture Pack will no longer be available as of the 1st of August when all eBay listings will get up to 12 free gallery images.

We’d love to know how widespread the issue is, so if you’re affected or know of any other sellers that are please let us know in comments below.

1645hrs Edited to add: We’ve just heard from eBay. The issue has been resolved and you should no longer be charged incorrectly. eBay will be crediting any incorrectly charged fees (we’ll let you know when we have a date for the credits) and will be contacting every affected eBay seller to update them on the process.

33 Responses

  1. Both our ebay stores have been effected by this, oddly enough the first place I thought to check was here, so thanks for the info!

  2. I have just listed an item in the fine jewellery category, and was being charged for Gallery Plus and Picture Pack.

    Luckily I check fees before pressing the ‘Submit’ button.

  3. Yep same here also can’t revise old listings without being charged fees for pictures already added.

  4. Just happened when I revised two listings. They are similar items in the same category, just amended item specifics on both.
    The final screen was charging 90p for picture pack on one item and not the other. So I gave up editing.

    Another case of incompetence that they’ll be slow to put right and make no decent recompense for.

    I’m only just starting to blow off the steam from the cancelled listings fiasco.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if their communication was any good.

  5. Was on ebay live chat at 9.30 this morning and they are aware of it and have promised to credit back any excess fees. They charged pictue pack plus 36p for each extra picture. 1 fashion listing costing £4.05 to list on a 30 day list when it would normally cost 5p. I stopped listing any more as I don’t trust them to efficiently deal with their problems. I will watch for the credit but will not list any more items until I am confident it’s fixed. Don’t know how it affect automatic re-lists on a good till cancelled. Guess I will find out later today.

  6. We seem to be getting £2.35 listing fees come up when you re-list some items…but not all of them! Then sometimes if you try again to relist the same item but you don’t get a fee…I guess that’s if you’re connected to a different ebay server. It’s all very frustrating…again!

  7. Just noticed I’ve been charged £2.70 for revising one item. Been on live chat & they say they will recredit any false fees.

    So glad I looked on here as I was just about to do a bulk revision. Hope it gets communicated when this bug is fixed.

  8. Just to add, this message is on the Customer Support page.

    Website issue: Billing.

    Due to a technical issue, some eBay customers may notice a problem with incorrect eBay fees charged to their account. We’re working to resolve this issue and apologise for any inconvenience. Thank you.

  9. I do work for several ebay accounts. All of them are being charged a £2.347826 “Picture Pack fee” per listing. On the invoices I can see hundreds of these charges.

    One of their account managers said they have to record all the item numbers and email them to get the credit (LOL).

    I’m assuming he is wrong and everyone will be automatically credited.

  10. This is happening to me also and not just on edited listings. I am being charge £2.70 for GTC relists.

  11. You can add me to the list. It will be interesting to see how quickly this is resolved.

  12. The complete lack of communication is pretty poor. An announcement is the least they can do.

    I wonder how long it will take them to get this sorted and everyone’s accounts back to snuff. Billing has long seemed to be a particular problem area for eBay.


  13. I was also affected this morning using turbo lister, – thought I was going mad, esp I could not get rid of the charge -so left them all , this afternoon fingers crossed it seems to have sorted itself

  14. And there I was busily revising 000’s of listings in prep for the new listing image rules and guess what its costing me a fortune to do it! John

  15. Went to check our bill. It can’t display recent transactions and the error messages is out of date — suggests doing a date search when one doesn’t exist.

    I’m inclined to agree with Dan that billing isn’t don’t well.

  16. I didn’t relise till I saw my total to date at bottom, I have been being charged for picture pack, and when I tried to relist items it automaticly charged me
    disappointed in ebay

  17. Howdy Chris,

    Only 92p? We found a similar bug a few weeks back and it was charging £2.70 when multiple categories were being used.

    The best part of it all, was that eBay support explicitly implied that it was the sellers fault and were told to go back through each listing (all +2000 of them) manually and add a blank image to them and then add the main image back to stop it from happening.

    Glad they’ve resolved it now and refunds have been made as well. It ended up costing over £600, that seller lost decent best match rankings on a ~40 products and have put them back a month.

    Obviously eBay not in my good books at the moment 🙂


  18. Wow, I think we win!
    Our shop is updated automatically via file exchange about 4/5 times per day so I’ve only just seen the fees added.
    We’ve been charged an extra £5500…
    More than 2000 picture packs added at £2.35 a time

    Let’s hope eBay get on to the refunds asap!

  19. WOW!! I have been over charged by about £160

    Thank you for pointing this out. I just checked my last invoice and saw that for an item I relist every 10 days eBay have charged me Gallery Plus £0.95 and Picture Pack £0.90 = total overcharge of £1.75. I then checked all my bills and found this has been happening since October 26 last year.

    Because this is something I auto relist every 3 days, thats 10 listins p/month x 9 months, at £1.75 overcharge each time, eBay have overcharged me by about £160

    Fortunately it only seems to have happened with one of my items. But I will check the others and in future keep a closer eye on my bills.

    Thanks TameBay!!

  20. Aye I was up listing loads and loads on wednesday night and at exactly 00.58 the fees kicked in and I was hit with a £554 charge! Was pretty frightening like with GTC listings being ready to ‘relist’ too.

    Still waiting for confirmation on fees being returned x


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