Tamebay Photo Casebook – PayPal Check In

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I can see this being a problem ... albeit a good one. Chris Dawson you party animal :-D love it, just love it!

DBL • 2nd September 2013 •

welcome to Vizbay... ;-) Nice work fellas, here's hoping some of Edinburgh's fine hostelries are PayPal enabled by the time Chris ventures north of the border in October. Cheers! Steve

SteveB • 2nd September 2013 •

meeting with staff at ebay and paypal plugging their app, and your buying your own beer,????

northumbrian • 2nd September 2013 •

They muttered something about having to get back to work and that drinking beer all afternoon wasn't allowed. We figured we could probably even write a round off against tax if we blogged about it :-)

Chris Dawson • 2nd September 2013 •

It will be interesting to see how well this works at in a large bar at a busy time.

Mark • 2nd September 2013 •

Funny you should say that.... ...Dan and I had this idea of getting about 100 people all to visit the same pub and Check In with PayPal. Then see if the system could take the strain and if the bar staff could find the right face photo to bill.

Chris Dawson • 2nd September 2013 •

One small problem with this... You ordered 2 pints of lager, yet you have a glass of Orange Juice! How do you go about refunds haha!

Sam • 2nd September 2013 •

Well spotted. Some of the photos were from the second or third round of drinks... . We were very thorough in our testing.

Chris Dawson • 2nd September 2013 •

Is it possible to make a claim that your item was "significantly not as described"?

A+ • 2nd September 2013 •

if you could only use paypal , you would die of thirst if you did not live in the richmond area

northumbrian • 3rd September 2013 •

Could form a useful part of the Cure for Alcohol Dependency though.

Chris T • 3rd September 2013 •

Can you send the empty pint glass back for a full refund, and state it was not as described.

davelovesbay • 2nd September 2013 •

Does it work with PayPal's "pay after delivery/consumption"?

Jamie Parkins • 3rd September 2013 •

We do need to put together a written post with some interesting details we gleaned. One of which is that you can't process refunds.

Dan Wilson • 3rd September 2013 •

Haha...this was very entertaining ! Didn't even know you could do that, but I'll try it out. For the beer...

Stephan Berglund • 4th September 2013 •