90mph winds bring Southern England to a standstill

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The Perfect StormSo it appears that there was a bit of wind last night for many who live in the South. Although it’s a bit breezy outside today (in Berkshire) it’s a beautiful sunny day and the winds are rapidly moving East and expected to clear the country by mid morning.

That doesn’t mean that there won’t be some disruption to businesses though – we’re already hearing of people with power cuts at their offices and unable to get to work as the trains aren’t expected to start running in much of the South before 9am.

Many flights have been cancelled or delayed out of the region’s airports and ferrys have been taken out of ports such as Dover and anchored in the English Channel where they can’t bash into harbour walls. These cancellations and delays will doubtless have affected postal and courier services so some deliveries may not happen today, both to your customers and stock due to arrive to you.

With numerous reports of trees down, councils have been working hard to clear the roads but many bridges remain closed to traffic. There is one bonus though, at least it’s half term and you don’t have to get the kids to school or worry that when you arrive at the school gates that the school will be closed.

How’s your week started? Have you been affected by the weather or has it bypassed you in the night and you’re sitting watching the news wondering what all the fuss is about?

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  1. Fortunately this didn’t turn out to be a repeat of the 1987 “hurricane”, though no doubt it had the potential to be.

    Definitely a north / south divide on this one, all quiet here in the East Midlands, but will have to bear in mind the effect on deliveries and travel elsewhere.

  2. probably more trouble caused by media crews chasing about the countryside looking for fallen trees than the actual storm

  3. Bit of wind around here in North Cornwall and a lot of rain. But no signs of damage. Daughter has been out and about this morning and just got back and reported no signs of trees down and no damage. So as far as this part of Cornwall is concerned we have got away with it again.

  4. In March of this year when there was the worst snow storm in 60 years in the north of england, there was barely a mention of it in the news.

    Today it’s THE GREAT STORM OF 2013. All because it was windy and rainy down south.

  5. Saw an item on the News tonight. The storm went from West to East over the UK seemingly gaining strength then left and crossed the North Sea to Denmark. There the winds were 90mph with gusts to 110mph. It has now left Denmark and gone to Sweden.

    Might I say that I am very pleased that it was not 90mph with gusts to 110mph in North Cornwall. May I also say that my thoughts are with our friends in Denmark and Sweden and I hope that they do not suffer too badly because of this storm.



Here’s to a normal, wet weekend.

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