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imageChris and I here at Tamebay sincerely hope that the long weekend offered by the Easter break (regardless of your gods of choice or none) will give all of you a chance to take some time for rest and enjoyment. Chocolate is optional. (Sue would disagree about the chocolate – Ed.)

Naturally, the public holidays will bring a questioning customer or two your way who doesn’t understand the possible delays such a break might bring to deliveries and we hope you have the strength to deal with them too. 😉

But if you do want to think of your business as you kick back, explore the ecommerce sky into which you can spread your wings, seeking out greater possibilities and potential efficiencies, we commend the Tamebay Guide.

Every year we make efforts to improve it. It’s totally free to readers and now it’s not just the ever-popular download that you can read on your Kindle or tablet in PDF format, it’s also a website too. Check it out.

Earlier this year we also made some improvements to the website (now in its second year) to enhance usability and navigation. We also added the opportunity for users to review the services featured. Now you really can get the honest truth from peers about whether the services in the Tamebay Guide are any good.

We think it’s the most comprehensive guide and gazetteer available to UK ecommerce SMEs, eBay and Amazon sellers and aspiring start-ups there is. Frankly, we’re rather proud of it.

Not least because so many people tell us it has been incredibly useful if you’re looking for a tweak or helper for your business. So, at your leisure, take a moment to peruse the Guide online or Download it this weekend.

We’d love to hear what you reckon too. And, as always, thanks for reading Tamebay and making it what it is. We couldn’t do it without you. And also, please, take a few hours to chill out this Easter weekend. Not that you need egging on. Ahem.

See you Tuesday.

Chris Dawson and Dan Wilson

4 Responses

  1. I am just an occasional Ebay seller but look forward to my Tamebay email, marvelling how many times there is something useful for me in it. Keep up the good work. I look forward to having a browse through the book. Maybe I will get inspired to try out some other selling venues after my Spring clean. So much stuff so little time is my excuse. However,Tamebay makes it a bit easier. Have a nice Easter break.

  2. I am working both bank holidays but giving myself two WHOLE days off to have a proper chocolate eating weekend….


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