Looking at Poland as an ecommerce opportunity

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It’s always interesting to look overseas and see what’s going on. Poland keeps coming up as an opportunity in the talks I hear and articles I read. And, as we all know here in the UK, the links between Britain and Poland have never been stronger or more diverse (despite Nigel Farage). It strikes me as a market worth looking at.

Ecommera have produced this infographic that explores and explains the size of the Polish ecommerce opportunity in a quick and digestable fashion. The full size image lives here.

poland ecomera

6 Responses

  1. Poland is a rapidly developing market and we have seen order volume grow slowly year on year but it does present a few challanges.

    The main issue is that wages in Poland are much lower in real terms compared to other EU country’s and this makes purchases expensive for the buyer. Another issue is shipping. Airmail costs are obviously the same as many other EU country’s but the post service is not as secure so you may wish to consider using a signed service. This however adds a significant cost to your buyer, Alternatively, if you ship by courier then Poland can be far more expensive than many other EU destinations.

    I believe the combination of low wages and high shipping costs present the greatest barrier to dealing with Poland. A further issue is the language barrier, with German being more widely spoken than English.

    All in all Poland is a good market and one which more sellers should embrace.

  2. To be fair on Nigel Farage, he has never said he has a problem with different countries trading with each other. It is Britain being in the EU that he thinks brings a lot of problems.

  3. I’m a British businessman who has set up 10 companies in Poland, one in the UK, sometimes importing British products, sometimes exporting, often neither (German technology for Indian investors in Poland for example.

    The EU is essential. Free Trade works better when everyone has the same regulations. Visa free travel is essential. Have you tried exporting vehicles to America. It’s so protected by regulations….

    Apartheid ,discrimination against people because of race was horrible, but visa apartheid is somehow OK. We should be giving Ukrainians visas now

    Our main goal is giving clients the best we can while making money and having happy staff. who cares if the technology is British, Chinese or Polish. let the best vendors win and clients vote with their wallets.
    and before you attack Chinese factories watch this

    Nationalism sucks.


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