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eBay are giving out vouchers to users, if you’ve got one it’ll show on the view item page of anything you’re considering buying and the vouchers appear to vary between £20 and £75. You’ll want to spend your voucher this weekend as they have an expiry date of the 3rd of July.

It’s great to see eBay encouraging buyers back to the site, but it’s not all quite as straight forward as you might think to redeem your voucher and although I have a voucher there’s nothing in my eBay Messages to tell me how to redeem it.

Your voucher will not automatically be redeemed

eBay Voucher

The View Item page has a “Save £xx.00 on this item Show Me How” link which tells you you’re getting a discount with a “Item Price”, “Voucher” and “Your Price”. Click and buy (like the muppet that I am just did) and you won’t get your discount and there’s no warning to tell you it’s not automatically applied to your purchase.

How to redeem your voucher

Get your voucherI should have known better having used eBay for some ten odd years, but how will most consumers find the experience? eBay are displaying a voucher and the “Show me how” link doesn’t tell me I have to do anything out of the ordinary to redeem the voucher. If I was expecting to pay £234.99 instead of £254.99 I’m guessing that there are probably a ton more consumers out there a bit upset that they didn’t get their promised money off voucher applied too.

If you want to get your discount and redeem your voucher you have to hover over “My eBay at the top of the page and click the link to the voucher. This will give you a code which you have to manually enter into checkout (the redemption box is hidden way down at the bottom of the checkout screen – you’ll have to scroll to find it). I’m guessing the average eBay user won’t know that this is what they have to do. Many thanks to Tamebay reader Rebecca for sending me instructions on how to redeem the voucher (sadly after I already made my purchase).

Voucher Code

I have to say it’s great to see eBay responding to the recent bad publicity of the password fiasco. It’s just a shame that it’s not a bit clearer that when redeeming their kind gesture of a voucher their “Show me how” link doesn’t actually “Show me how” to do so.

In truth it’s only £20, but I can’t help feeling a little ripped off. If I feel annoyed, how will eBay’s vouchers make regular consumers feel if they too don’t realise they have to hunt down and enter a voucher code?

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  1. Some discussion on eBay forums about who has/who has not got vouchers and the allocation criteria. Sums up to £75 have been mentioned.

    Still waiting for mine on all accounts!

  2. I’ve received no vouchers, but I have been given triple nectar points for purchases made this weekend.

  3. Whats the bet that eBay cock all of this up and give it to some but not others
    This lot just don’t have a clue

  4. I saw this and hovered, clicked and then gave up. Will have a look and make sure I spend it now! 🙂

  5. None offered on any of our 4 accounts & 1 has been dormant for 6 yrs & forgot all about it till the password reset email came through

  6. I got a £75 on my email today under the explanation of the password change , I also got free 500 nectar points, my other accounts have a nectar points vouchers of 20 and 100 but interesting the main account I buy with got the highest vouchers one account I sell only A few items on and buy nothing with has so far got nothing but did get offered triple nectar points on that account

  7. I got a £20.00 voucher, if you read the email that was sent it explains very simply how to redeem. I had no problems at all and have brought a lovely pair of Joules wellies for £27.00 and paid only £7.00 for them! Very pleased and thank you E-Bay!

  8. I have 2 accounts and got an email to 1 of them last week with code and clear instructions how to use.


  9. How come I didn’t get a voucher? I want one too. All eBay ever give me is a hard time. Its just not fair!!! sob… 🙂

  10. This is bizarre. We’ve been fortunate enough to receive a £75 spend-in-any-category voucher, but were it not for Tamebay we’d have had no clue (and the thing expires in three days time)

    Being a regular eBay iPad App, rather than browser, user there’s not even the “hover over My eBay and look for the Voucher (‘Coupon’)” route so we’d never even have found the voucher accidentally.

    Let’s get this straight; the voucher giveaway has been designed as an apology by eBay over the password incident but it’s being kept as quiet as humanly possible from eBay’s poor users? So in many cases all that will happen is that many users will find out about the money off voucher [they could have had] after theirs has expired. And what effect do we think **that** will have on already upset customers?

    Way to apologize eBay. Although… err, thanks for the £75! 😉

  11. I received a £75 voucher, entered it into the Redeem Voucher box ON the checking out page and got the discount immediately. Nice saving. Having said that I have a couple of P’d of friend who wonder why they have got, erm ZERO ,LOL.

  12. By the way,mine arrived in an email with subject of “£75 Voucher as a thank you for your patience” so people know what to look for in their emails. in case goes in spam.

    IMPORTANT POINT: I use Gmail and the email from Ebay went NOT into my inbox but into the Google mail “Promotions” folder !!!! THAT may well be why some are not receiving their vouchers.

  13. 6 accounts …3 are private no vouchers on any.
    we did get 200 free listings on one of them.

  14. Why do some people get them and others don’t? I haven’t received anything. Is there some kind of criteria?

  15. Spent my £20 voucher on a £7 item because I didn’t realise it can’t be spent on different items. So once I’d made that small purchase it was all gone! Doh!


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