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I have something of a soft spot for Etsy. They call themselves the most beautiful marketplace in the world and I don’t disagree.

It’s a friendly, elegant place to buy things from and I know lots of creative people find it a good marketplace to sell on too. We’d love to hear more from Etsy and write about them too but they don’t return our calls or emails. We’d also love to hear from Etsy sellers and write about their successes and stories.

It’s very gratifying to see that Etsy are advertising on the tellybox for the very first time. That’s a show of confidence for the future and surely a sign of ambition.

I’m not sure where the ad spot is airing but it’s a cute ad featuring real Etsy sellers.

Have you seen it on your telly tube yet? If so, let us know where.

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  1. I sell on etsy as well as ebay. As my items are handcrafted it seemed a natural option. I have had a few sales,it is a well run site just very hard to get noticed.
    Its a mostly American market,most of my customers are from there,which is handy as I cancelled overseas sales on ebay.
    It does need more prominence in the market in U.K. but overall im happy with how its going,im able to put more expensive items on there that maybe wouldnt sell on ebay as customers on etsy are looking for handcrafted specifically.

  2. I just opened my first Etsy shop a month ago ,followed by a second which I’me yet to stock. Stats say over 1,600 views on first shop in 30 days. 6 sales so far and shop not yet full stocked . You have to work hard at social media and pay some advertising when you’re ready to gain sucess. It’s very different to Ebay. So much help its amazing. Such a lovely site to be involved in. Now Ebay have ‘ switched’ my shop off and my sales have dived 60 to 70% I’me prepared to make the effort to make a success of it. The adverts are great and a big step in building Etsy UK I think.

  3. I like the ad even though it features only handmade and I sell vintage.

    I’ve been selling on Etsy for just under 18 months and generally very pleased. It has a number of advantages as well as a couple of downsides. One of those is lack of responsiveness by management as you have found but all the major marketplaces need to upgrade their communications with their customers (sellers) in my opinion.

    I sell mainly to Americans, Canadians and Australians. No problem with that but larger heavy items with very high overseas postage aren’t selling so well. This wouldn’t be a problem if there were more UK buyers.

    My feeling is that UK buyers when looking around on Etsy get the impression that almost all the Items are from USA which is largely true and very annoying.

    US Postal prices have risen substantially in recent years, even more than ours, so Brit buyers don’t stay long and only buy if by chance they can find a bargain or an item they want in UK with much lower postage.

    Despite this I’m staying with Etsy for the long term. Etsy sellers are very friendly and helpful. Listing is much easier. Buying and selling are both much more enjoyable.

    I would normally be highly dubious of claims like “The most beautiful marketplace” but with the vast majority of items shown in excellent photos, in this case, I happen to agree.

  4. In reply to ALEX….You seem to have read alot into ‘ switched off’ !!!! Please check fluzyflapper my selling account.100% Feedback,Near Perfect fives , Powerseller and before the changes last year a Top Seller. ‘Switched off’ is a simple all encompassing term referring to the changes Ebay themselves have made that are beyond our control!


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