Quiz: Are you an SEO Guru?

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Eddie O’ Driscoll, MD of DPFOC UK & Ireland is passionate about all things SEO! Accordingly he thought it might be fun and a bit interesting to create an SEO quiz to test the knowledge of SEO experts around the world.

Do you think you’re an SEO Guru or do you have someone in your company who is? Let us know your score (be honest… I got a not too bad score of 16 out of 20)

7 Responses

  1. 55% – is that a scrape pass? or a message to outsource SEO? I like the concept of this marketing technique – original and despite being very busy my vanity had me spend time testing my expertise. I would recommend to Eddie to add a link to the end of the test, ie call to action! I wonder will he follow up on this blog posting and specifically this post reply.

  2. Sales fallen through the floor recently on certain days.
    Reason Best Match works in the oppisite way on smart devices (ipads, iphones ect) its like ebay flick a switch and all your listings are at the bottom of the search on mobile devices. Anyone else noticed this?

  3. Does SEO work with eBay, I doubt it very much.

    it definitely works on google, we are number 4 on the first page behind ebay and amazon and one other, on most of our stuff. We do it in house and it really isn’t that difficult, we would never pay anyone else to do it, it’s too easy.

  4. I got 17/20. Fell down on some lingo, but now I know what NAP & Parallax is. I can BS like a proper SEO Guru now!! Never considered the address markup for local SEO so I will test that out on my sisters restaurant website.


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