ChannelAdvisor add support for Rakuten

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ChannelAdvisor have announced new features that help retailers scale their products, markets and customers including support for

ChannelAdvisor add integration

Rakuten FeatWith the new Rakuten support, ChannelAdvisor’s centralised inventory and order management helps retailers add the newly-transitioned (previously marketplace with relative ease.

ChannelAdvisor have been expanding their global capabilities (e.g. TMall, China and TradeMe, New Zealand). This latest integration with Rakuten not only enables UK retailers to add the replacement, but also enables overseas retailers to better access consumers in the UK.

Two ways to find out more about Rakuten

ChannelAdvisor have released a tip sheet to assist retailers ready to start selling on Rakuten, which you can download here.
Catalyst 2015
If you’d like to find out more about Rakuten in person, and have the opportunity to ask questions, don’t forget that Marc Vicente, CEO Rakuten Spain & RMSg COO for Rakuten Europe will be on the Cross-Border Trade Panel at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst Europe on Thursday next week. It’s not too late to book to attend and this is one session I’m looking forward to.

More enhancements from ChannelAdvisor’s spring release

The ChannelAdvisor 2015 Spring Release includes updates that can help retailers sell more efficiently, optimise product listings by promoting bundles as variation listings, increase profit margins on eBay, track essential data to improve their strategies on Amazon and other marketplaces, and much more.

More Market enhancements from ChannelAdvisor

  • ChannelAdvisor is enabling retailers to use Facebook’s dynamic product ads from within its platform. Using ChannelAdvisor’s Data Transformation Engine, retailers can create, schedule and send a product feed to Facebook from the ChannelAdvisor platform and target consumers with ads on any device.
  • ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces now gives retailers more options to tap new sources of demand through its support of eBay Austria and eBay Switzerland.

Greater Flexibility from ChannelAdvisor

  • ChannelAdvisor’s new Bundles with Variations feature lets retailers list bundles as variation listings, as well as optimise the browsing process by consolidating all the product options within one primary listing. Promoting items in a variation format shows buyers similar items that come in different colours, sizes or other options.
  • ChannelAdvisor’s Customisable Invoice Templates enable retailers to tailor follow-up messages to each customer, on each marketplace, after they make a purchase. The invoice templates can also be used on a retailer’s webstore.

Smarter Technology

  • The new ChannelAdvisor Order Consolidator sets a window of time when eBay orders from the same buyer address will automatically be detected and combined for packaging and shipping. This prevents retailers from spending time packaging separate orders, and helps retailers save money on shipping costs by shipping one package instead of multiple to a single buyer.
  • ChannelAdvisor has expanded its eBay Categoriser functionality for all eBay interfaces. The Categorizer will ask eBay to suggest an eBay category value for products that are new to the marketplace — and the value is then stored in the product details when the seller uses any eBay interface.
  • ChannelAdvisor’s Product Performance and Pricing Insights for Amazon gives retailers access to report insights showing best-selling products and Buy Box ownership. Retailers can gather details on a specific product through the SKU-level Product Performance and Pricing View, so they can tweak their strategies for optimal performance on Amazon.

The ChannelAdvisor 2015 Spring Release also introduces unified, retail-centric support for Google’s Shopping campaigns. Titled the “Four C’s of Google Shopping,” the framework can help retailers increase the profitability of their Shopping campaigns through content, campaign structure, correct bidding and cross-channel analytics.

Additionally, ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has introduced new widgets to help retailers track global destinations for every single package and understand which locales have the greatest demand. Not only do these insights help retailers know where to expand, but also helps to improve efficiency.

Learn more about ChannelAdvisor’s Spring Release in a webinar

If you’d like to find out more about the updates included in this year’s ChannelAdvisor Spring Release you can join members of their Product Marketing team in a webinar on Thursday, April 30, 2015.


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