Pelipod add “Regular Delivery Code” feature

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Pelipod, the secure password protected home delivery box solution have just added a fantastic new feature to their solution which solves two of the major bug bears I’ve had when using it.

The way Pelipod works is that for each order you generate a one time PIN code to enable the courier to open the box and deposit your parcel.

The first issue I found is when a retailer decides to split an order and ship products separately. For instance if an eBay order contains products from two sellers and you’re using the eBay shopping basket it might look like one order, but it’ll be two shipments from completely different sellers. Using Pelipod has in the past meant you couldn’t use the eBay shopping basket to check out.

The second glitch I’ve found is that when ordering from Amazon, each time you edit your shipping address or add another they ask you to confirm your bank card details. This means if you edit the address to add the Pelipod PIN code for that order you can’t use one click checkout.

Pelipod Regular Delivery Code

Pelipod have now added an RDC (Regular Delivery Code) feature. On the Pelipod dashboard you can create RDC codes for your favourite retailers or marketplaces and that code can then be used for all future orders obviating the need to amend your delivery address with a new PIN each time your purchase.

The second benefit is for sites like eBay and Amazon where orders are potentially amalgamated of products from several different sellers the same code can be used and once saved in your default address that’s all you need to do.

You can store up to 15 RDC codes in your Pelipod account and they have a 1 year expiry date. I’ve already added an RDC for eBay orders and another for Amazon.

Pelipod RDC

You can also add an RDC for your Postman or a regular courier – this could be ideal if you’re using your Pelipod as a collection point for a service such as myHermes to despatch your eBay orders.

If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for a Pelipod on their website.

6 Responses

  1. How much is it? I can’t find this info anywhere on their. Any company that isn’t upfront and clear about their costs, immediately deters me from ordering.

  2. When the Pelipods first appeared, their CEO made some cameo appearances on Tamebay and prices were discussed and quite openly stated iirc.

    However, it now looks from their website as if you have to ‘register your interest’ so a sales rep can try to sell one at you.

    What a shame; that will put so many people off, myself included. In these days of dispersed online selling, no-one really likes salespeople, do they? Some people do online buying precisely because it takes away the need for personal selling practices being inflicted on the buyer!


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