eBay UK Seller Release: 30 Day Returns Requirement

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Returns HomeFrom 1 May 2016, eBay are for eBay Top-rated sellers from 14 days to 30 days for most listings.

From 1 May 2016, you’ll need to offer 30-day returns with money back to qualify for the eBay Top-rated seller discount and badge. eBay say that “This change will help us to stay competitive as a marketplace – and by offering an extended returns period, you can help build buyer confidence and drive sales“.

A few categories will be exempt from this change, but for most sellers on eBay UK this means offering 30 day returns on everything that you sell.

How much will this affect you? I have no data to rely on, but I suspect that most returns are requested within the first week after a product is received. Sure there’ll be the odd edge case that I’m sure most of you could talk about (especially the used once and returned party dresses), but the truth is that after 30 days I can hardly remember what I bought on eBay (or anywhere else) and it’s very unlikely that I’ll want to return it.

Do you believe 30 day returns (rather than the current 14 days) will make much difference to your business? We’d love to hear your views and whether you think being Top Rated is worth offering 30 day returns.

9 Responses

  1. We offer it already so I can’t see it’s an issue if you are a customer focused company.

    However why wait until May 2016?

  2. I sell rings and clothing…none of which should be worn and sent back
    I do exchange occasionally by request, the jewellery would be scrached and therefore have to be sold as used at a price loss
    and clothing has to be returned with tags UNWORN and as sent out?
    So no from me for 30 days… If I can post items out within (1) day I expect the items sending back same or shortly after, not holding onto an item for (20-25) days…I am after all a small business and couldn’t trade like this….
    My Top Rated Seller means nothing to me…..
    Buyers buy off me..leave good feedback…and I continue to be a part of EBay
    I don’t need the worry and hassle of waiting for items to be returned and then fighting cases because they are returned damaged or worn
    Thank you

  3. Does it really matter as they can open cases for 30 days; there is the elephant in the room of threat of bad feedback and, of course, paypal will give them 180 days refunds / return time…..

  4. As the piece says, most returns requests happen in the 1st week, its the perceived downside which will cause the worry but in reality will probably not be an issue.

    In the past few years, we have have gone from 7-days to 14 days as well Christmas returns, so if your worried about going to 30 days, then check back on the actual outcome in your business when the previous changes happened.

    Personally, its not something that causes me concern.


  5. Is it 30 business days or 30 calendar day? EU regulations state that buyers have 14 calendar days to open a return yet eBay force us to accept 14 business day which can work out at almost 3 weeks.

  6. This makes no difference, have been doing 30 days since amz enforced it ages ago.

    If in doubt, I suggest u start this month as normal and record ur returns and then do a month with 30 day and. Compare the results.

    U can then work on hard factual data and make any edits to ur policy as required before it is mandatory.


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