The miracle of Sunday ecommerce delivery

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I don’t like being a whinger. No, really I don’t.

So, as my old Irish Granny used to say: “Praise where praise is due.” And I want to wax a little about how marvellous Sunday delivery for ecommerce deliveries is. And yes, it is a reality.

On Friday night, after pub closing time, I remembered something I needed for my forthcoming trip to the USA. I considered popping out on Saturday to get it and even thought about buying it when I was over the pond but, as an Amazon Prime customer, I thought I might try and get more value from that subscription and see if I could the goods on Monday.

No such luck. I would have to settle for Sunday delivery. Hurrah. And yesterday they goods arrived via courier who (because I wasn’t in) left it with a neighbour.

I still find Sunday delivery novel. It’s a great leap forward from the age of Monday to Friday only and it’s marvellous that such a service is no extra charge.

Of course, behind such efficiency, lies a willingness and ability for sellers to despatch the goods on a Saturday. And I’m happy my seller did (they are a well-known marketplace seller on Amazon) but for smaller operations that’s not always practicable.

But the fact remains that Sunday delivery is a good thing, we’re going to see more of it and more and more buyers will come to expect it as standard and normal.

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  1. Yet another artical on delivery ,any chance of focusing on something else?

    Yeah I know were not forced to read it blah blah

  2. “Any chance on focusing on something else?” A few ideas might be useful. Trouble with a lot of the services featured on Tamebay is that they cost. How about articles on “free services” that help to enhance listings and assist with back office admin. Many of the service providers featured give you a free trial for the first week or month or the first 100 uses and then wack on big monthly charges which for sellers doing say 100-200 sales per month is uneconomic.

    What about the nuts and bolts of Turbolister. Is there any inside info that could be shared about template or html use and how to make listings look better? Is it now worth using html anyway as this is said to be not “mobile friendly”.

    Then there is that widget monkey thing. Looks good but then you have a free 7 or 10 day trial, plonk a few live listings on ebay using the widgets, and then what? It would be nice to have more time to assess if widget monkey and other apps designed to enhance listings and push sales actually do this. 30 day trials should be the norm as a minimum.

    Basically anything that might help get the sales up or help to draw more traffic and auction bidding surely is of more interest than most other topics?

  3. Have to say I find Tamebay a fantastic source of information and ideas for an ecommerce company

    I have used a fair few services I read about first on Tamebay

    I read about Halfords Marketplace on here first and am now an approved partner

    Net Despatch. The amount of moans about Royal Mail changes (me included) and Net Despatch sort all this very easily and FREE. I wouldn’t have heard about them if it wasn’t for Tamebay

    Only last week I read an article about Zenstores working together with Net Despatch . Just signed up and printed my first lot of orders. Brilliant bolt on and whilst it isn’t free the starting package goes from £9.00 a month and any business that finds that expensive should probably consider whether running a business is really for them

    Guess it is impossible to please everyone but a big thumbs up to Tamebay from me



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