Package Guard Kickstarter bid to stop doorstep parcel theft

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A US entrepreneur has started a Kickstarter campaign to fun a device that will help stop the theft of parcels from doorsteps and porches.

Mike Grabham is seeking a $45,000 Kickstarter investment for the invention he’s calling Package Guard.

Roughly the size of a dinner plate or Frisbee, Package Guard is connected to your Wi-fi and is a place where deliverymen can drop parcels.

The device will then alert a customer that their package has been delivered to their premises. And if someone tries to take the parcel it sets off a loud alarm alerting you to the theft.

If you get involved with the Kickstarter campaign you can get Package Guard for $40 preorder on Kickstarter although it has an expected RRP of $69 to $79 if it comes to market.

Grabham says: “The product is really simple. It sits on your doorstep and when UPS or Amazon or FedEx puts a package down on top of it, it lets you and your neighbors know with e-mail and text alerts that you’ve gotten a delivery. If someone tries to take a package, they get scared off because the packages cover the device, so they don’t know it’s alarmed. Also, it’s pretty loud.”

Now, obviously, this is a US invention but we also know that there is room for improvement in the “safe place” delivery culture in the UK.

Check out the video demo here:

15 Responses

  1. Umm… not sure if I’m missing something from the concept, but if it alerts you that something has been delivered, that means that you’re not there to do anything if someone drives up, throws it in their car and drives away – alarm or no alarm?!

  2. How many car alarms go off in your neighbourhood?

    How many house alarms go off in your neighbourhood?

    How many times do you rush out to see who needs wrestling to the ground or videoing (for evidence)?

    Also, if the package hides the device, there is no deterrent effect.


  3. If this takes off it will be the same as car alarms. When a car alarm goes off no one looks , cares, or takes any notice at all. It would be the same with these if they went mainstream

  4. It sounds interesting although it probably depends how secure the device itself is.
    A few years ago I had a security camera stolen from outside a property, this would probably be a doddle for some Salford kids!

    I’m also confused as to what happens if you get two or three parcels delivered.

  5. Click and collect anyone? Its urban areas this will be a problem where there are post offices coops argos sainsbury etc etc why not just collect it from them

  6. You are providing the thief with a free Package Guard, as well as new batteries, which can be removed to stop the alarm.

    You can sell them both on ebay to make a tidy profit.

  7. I would love to see this product pitched to the dragon’s in Dragon’s Den. Would any invest I wonder?

  8. dun-dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun….

    bag of sand in one hand, quick swipe, escape rolling boulders and herd of pygmies, quick getaway with the goods indie style.


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