More perks planned for Amazon Prime shoppers

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Amazon Prime Same DayAmazon Prime is one of Amazon’s success stories. The subscription service gives shoppers faster shipping, access to movies TV shows, music, photo storage and Kindle books. And there’s also same-day delivery in some post codes in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham and Bristol.

There’s also the attraction of Prime Day which is coming up this week on the 12th July. If all goes well then Amazon sellers will hopefully see a boost in sales. Even if they don’t use FBA. The offer of 100k deals for shoppers should drag in the punters.

In the run up to Prime Day 2016, the head honcho of Amazon Prime Greg Greeley has been sharing his plans for Prime in the future. You can read the full interview here on CNET. And it looks like there’s more in store for Prime subscribers.

As Greeley says: “Just so we’re clear: We are not done. There’s more that we can do for Prime. That means more great content. We’re superexcited about how the TV series have performed, and we’ve been doubling down on those areas. This year we’ve leaned into great movies. And then faster delivery.”

I’m a Prime devotee as a shopper. It makes Amazon my first-stop destination for shopping and I certainly get my money’s worth.

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  1. I wouldn’t say Prime gives you your money’s worth. You often pay more just to get it from Prime. Amazon often sell books through their Book Depository subsidiary way cheaper (including P&P) than through Amazon. Same is often true of Amazon sellers not using FBA. Its just a ploy to dominate the market.


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