What is the eBay Seller Hub?

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Seller Hub FeatIn the blog post from eBay’s Steve Fisher called: “Replatforming eBay: How We Are Delivering the Shopping Destination of Choice” it was announced that the new seller interface called Seller Hub will be rolled to all users.

It has been used in the US by some sellers since last autumn and now it’s coming to the UK. We don’t have a date on when it will roll out here at this time.

This isn’t a surprise. What is, perhaps, notable is that it’s taken so long to land on the British shores. What will it mean to you? What is the Seller Hub? With quite some months of operation on eBay.com the hope is that it has been honed and debugged with seller feedback. Fisher’s announcement is clear that it will have enhanced seller analytics tool as standard.

It’s going to replace a lot of the dashboards you use every day including Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro and also the interfaces you use for sales, seller costs, traffic and seller standards and defects and the like. Expect a complete overhaul.

As eBay notes it will be you online hub where you:

– Monitor the overall status of your business
– Receive metrics on the current performance of your business
– Access insights and guidance that can help you grow your business
– Manage your listings and orders including; producing eBay Postage labels, adding tracking numbers, printing invoices in bulk and managing returns and cancellations.

Have you used the new Seller Hub yet? How does it work for you?

Seller Hub Features

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  1. Yes, I’m in the USA, and have friends (in Facebook Groups) who have been involved in the Seller Hub since it was rolled out in Beta in Nov 2015. There were a lot of glitches at that time, but my friends were connected with the team, which was developing the Hub and they were very responsive to suggestions from Sellers.

    I was given the choice to opt into it in Feb 2016, but I didn’t do it, because my workload didn’t allow for the extra time to learn to use it. I had also heard that it was difficult to opt in and out of it.

    In June my second Seller ID was opted into it, and shortly after that eBay held a webinar. So I participated in the webinar where they gave a tour of the Hub, and I simultaneously followed along in my Hub and learned how to use it.

    There are lot of things I still don’t know how to do. But I know how to do the basics needed to run my business. (And I know how to opt out if necessary.)

    If a Seller has been using Seller Manager or Seller Manager Pro for a while, then that’s half the battle.

    The goal of the Seller Hub is to take all of the tasks and all of the sections on ebay pertinent to Sellers, and put them all in one place. Most US Sellers agree that this is a worthwhile goal, and eventually it will make our jobs easier.

    I would say, “Don’t feel rejected” that the Hub wasn’t been rolled out in the UK sooner. Hopefully when you all get it, most of the bugs will be worked out. And also hopefully they will have a webinar for UK Sellers, to help ease you into it.


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