myHermes changes prices for parcels up to 2kg

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myHermes have changed their pricing structure. They’ve replaced their up to 1kg and 1-2kg price bands with a 0-2kg Small and a 0-2kg medium parcel size and weight.

The net effect of this is that if you are sending a parcel less than 1kg you might pay more (£3.95 instead of £2.75 at a Parcelshop) and if you send a parcel up to 2kg you might end up paying less. The price you pay will depend on the size of your parcel.

The price bands for parcels weighing more than 2kg have not been changed so there it’s business as usual.

The new prices are:

New myHermes pricing

We don’t know the exact size allowances, myHermes say that “When entering your parcel size, you will be presented with two new options “0-2kg Small” and “0-2kg Medium” alongside an icon of a parcel confirming our small and medium parcel dimensions”.

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  1. New sizes are detailed there:

    It also looks like old prices are still available of you know how to access them:

    “Please note: These changes will only be available using our “send a parcel” process. If you have an eBay, Amazon, or upload via CSV and you want to benefit from the new rates, you will need to send your parcels using our single “send a parcel” process. “

  2. I received email about this too, what is not clear in the pricing table is how much it costs to send parcel under 2 kilo if its longer or larger than dimensions of small or medium. Am now 104 in the live assist queue waiting to ask for clarification.

  3. Just to say the main graphic is incorrect; the third line should read 2-5Kg is £5.95 (this has since been corrected on hermes website). Earlier poster worried about possible jump from £2.75 to £5.95 … you can rest a little easier! some will increase, but to £3.95

    The Small / Medium sizes are exactly the same as Royal Mail sizes.

  4. You can still ship long tubes (up to 120cm) using Hermes, but you just need to book through Parcel2Go – I did one today – 100cm long, 8cm diameter, 600g – £3.10 with £20 cover.
    I spoke to Parcel2Go CS who told me that they have not received any instructions to change the price/weight bands (yet).

  5. Guys, this answers it all;

    “***Please note***
    We’re in the process of transitioning from a weight-only pricing model to a combination of weight and size. This will enable us to offer more competitive pricing across our customer base. You can take advantage of the new pricing using the main “Send a parcel” flow now.
    The new pricing model will roll out to the integrations (eBay, Amazon etc.) and the Quick Send function in the near future. Until then, customers using these methods will continue on the existing weight only pricing.”

  6. This is bull, am going back to royal mail again by this time next year it will be almost a fiver to send a small parcel

  7. Just found this, in the stupid position whereby using pythagoras I figured I could get my stainless steel 36 cm circular platter into a 33x37x15 box as a small. The 37x37x4cm package I originally had it in would be a medium despite being less than three times the volume…utterly ridiculous.


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