L’Oréal open Men Expert branded shop on eBay UK

L’Oréal have launched a shop on eBay with all products ranged sourced directly from L’Oréal. The online store will be available on eBay UK, selling the L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Range.

All products from the Men Expert range will be available on eBay with free shipping in the UK for most UK based customers. This will be the first line of products sourced directly from L’Oreal, available on eBay UK and the range will also feature in the up-coming male grooming section of the eBay e-commerce site.

L’Oréal were once not fans of eBay, a decade ago they had a bit of a court battle with eBay partly over the sale of fake products but also because they just didn’t want their products sold on the marketplace. At the time they wrote to a number of eBay sellers demanding that they stop selling L’Oréal products, some of whom it appeared at the time were selling one off products, possibly unwanted gifts.

The L’Oréal eBay shop has been set up as a partnership between L’Oreal and Trojan who will be operating the store. All products on the store will be sold by Trojan Retail and sourced by Trojan directly from L’Oreal. Conventional supply channels are changing fast and these changes are recognized companies like L’Oréal.

“As a key strategic part of our global ambition to reach 1 billion online consumers by 2020, partnering with Trojan and eBay is a natural fit. The new eBay store will ensure that customers can buy our products with ease through PayPal and guaranteed assurance that they are of the highest quality and performance, this is something that is very important to us.”
– Nikki Akers, eCommerce Director, L’Oréal

It’s safe to say that times are changing and big brands who once shunned marketplaces are now embracing them. With 20 million visitors to eBay UK each month, most of the buying population are shopping on the marketplace and businesses like L’Oréal are being convinced that they have to go where their customers shop.

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Have you got a link to their store? I can't find them by search

elvis • 1st March 2017 •

Link to store in first line of the post :-)

Chris Dawson • 1st March 2017 •

Hi Chris I did find the link but it wasn't obvious. Perhaps you could consider changing the hyperlink colour to something with more contrast?

Tom • 2nd March 2017 •

The product I use is on eBay for around a fiver with multiple sellers, these guys want £10.89 for the same thing, good luck with that. Also, no click & collect? whose advising these guys, the market for it is huge.

Whirly • 2nd March 2017 •

If you are selling predominately one-off's is click and collect worth it? What happens if the buyer never picks the item up? Advise much appreciated.

Chris • 2nd March 2017 •

I'm pretty sure that Trojan know what they're doing. They run a whole host of successful eBay stores for a variety of retailers and sell products on behalf of third parties through their own stores.

Tom • 2nd March 2017 •

Click & collect is very popular, there is an Argos near most people and there are ow Sainsbury's stores being added to the list. People who work collect on way home or with their shopping, those buying gifts or things they don't want delivering through the letter box (especially at Christmas) like to pick them up. Yes it is worth it for one off items, it's just a tick box, no extra cost and will give you a boost in search especially to those buyers who search click & collect items or who usually choose this method. If the buyer doesn't pick the item up it should be returned to you after 7 days at eBay's expense. More info here https://pages.ebay.co.uk/sell/click-and-collect/

Jane • 2nd March 2017 •

The more delivery options the better I would say whether you have 1 or 100. Sainsbury's also offer pick up points now. If nobody shows it gets sent back to you by RM tracked at no cost to you.

Whirly • 2nd March 2017 •