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There are so many aspects to running a business on Amazon, sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn for help. SellerEngine have an array of tools and services to fill any holes in your Amazon tools arsenal.

From product sourcing to managing your Amazon business, repricing and services including International expansion and remedial services if your account is in trouble, Seller Engine can almost certainly assist.

We spoke to Tricia Carey, SellerEngine Marketing Director to find out more:

Who are SellerEngine?

SellerEngine has been providing software and services to Amazon sellers since 2002 when we offered the first automated repricing and inventory management tool on the market. Since then, we’ve expanded our suite of products and services to become a one-stop shop for Amazon sellers looking to begin or expand their business. We help with sourcing, product research, inventory management, automated repricing, international customer service, listing reinstatement, Amazon account suspensions and appeal process, and much more. Visit us online to find out how we can help you take your Amazon business to the next level.

You have three products – what can they do for me?

Profit Bandit

At SellerEngine, we’re proud of the fact that Profit Bandit has long been the number 1 dedicated mobile scouting app for Amazon product research and retail arbitrage. We’ve consistently received a relatively impressive number of downloads and we’re pleased to have helped Amazon Sellers of all sizes and experience levels reach new levels of success with their businesses.

New features include restricted item notification, slow moving AISNs and restricted condition notification.

Profit Bandit is $9.99 a month.

SellerEngine Plus

You can use SellerEngine Plus for inventory management, FBA shipments, create labels, product research and MFN order management as well as repricing.

WIth SellerEngine Plus, you can easily create new listings, delete, or update them in bulk (or, you can use Profit Bandit, which is included with SellerEngine Plus or Sellery).

Create and manage FBA shipments with selected items and add new FBA listings in bulk. Import lists of EANs, UPCs, ISBNs, or ASINs to evaluate sales rank, competition, and other data to make decisions on what is worth selling. Also, you can use Profit Bandit to import Buy Lists into the software for further research and listing.

SellerEngine Plus is $49.95 a month.


Our flagship product. Of all the Amazon repricers on the market today, Sellery is the first one designed to ensure that you never sell at a loss. The process involves using an accurate minimum price to help make smarter decisions; a feature unique to Sellery.

You may not know that Smart Lists are a power feature in Sellery that they allow you to filter your Inventory based on various criteria. What makes the Smart List feature so special is its ability to utilize flexible rules that allow for customized pricing strategies. For example, this would allow you to create customized strategies that can serve underserved inventory. This is what makes Sellery unique – premade algorithms or simple rule in other repricers have a hard time accommodating for this.

Sellery’s power feature is the real time repricing component that enables the software to update prices dynamically when market conditions change.

Sellery also lets you add custom fields. While many of the fields from Amazon are standard, your business has fields that are specific to your business needs. Sellery lets you add those.

You can also apply special buy box cases to your strategy – such as against amazon, a specific MFN/FBA strategy, new or used sellers, etc. The combinations are endless.

Sellery starts at $100 a month.

Why would a retailer use SellerEngine instead of your competitors?

SellerEngine got its start selling on Amazon, and then used their experience to help other Amazon sellers become successful. We can help you with everything related to your Amazon business – from setting up your first listing pages, to researching possible products to sell; repricing your inventory in real time, getting you ungated in specific categories, reinstatement, monitoring your account for possible issues, or managing your account for you in the local language.

Tell us about the SellerEngine services you offer

SellerEngine offers a variety of Services that can help you become successful on Amazon. Services include:

Account Audit

A one time service which will focus on immediate changes sellers can make to their account for improvement. These include an analysis of performance parameters, customer communication, and finding ay existing or potential problems with the account.

Account Monitoring

A recurring service where we help you manage your account. On an ongoing basis, we will check your account health status, and deal with notifications/suspensions, monitor any performance parameters, and suggest ways to improve scores, handle neutral and negative feedback, as well a give expert advice on how to better manage your account.

Account Rescue

A service which gets suspended accounts back in business. Our service starts with a free review of your selling activity, no matter how complex and diverse your selling activity. Our team works with the seller or complete the appeal, and typically includes taking over customer support for a set period of time to improve account metrics, discussing business practices with the seller (business practices, orders, sourcing, inventory, etc). We explain actions you’ll need to take before sending the appeal, and, finally, write the appeal letter with the structure, focus and style that Amazon expects.


We can educate you in various Amazon issues. What ever topic you feel you would like to know more about, we can help you learn.

Customer Service

A recurring service, that lets sellers know an experience representative can answer customer’s question in their native language. The team can handle a variety of duties, including daily communication (email, etc), returns, refunds and discounts, negative and neutral feedback, review and monitor the overall account performance, help improve overall business performance, and more.


This service will help a seller lift a category/brand restriction. The Services team will review the seller’s invoices/certificates, assess any previous attempts to lift the restriction, explain what was incorrect (if applicable) and show option on how to get ungated in the future.

International Expansion

The Services team will help the Seller expand into different geographic venues. (see “international services” below)

Listing Reinstatement

The Services team will help you reactivate closed listings. We will uncover the reasons behind complaints, suggest corrections you can make to your inventory/business practices, and then write the appeal letter following the structure and terminology Amazon prefers to see.

I’m interested in your international services can you tell us more?

SellerEngine can help you expand to any of the following venues: US; Canada; UK; France; Germany; Italy; Spain; and Japan.

International expansion can be a challenging task. Given our expertise, you can rest assured that we can assist you with:

  • Opening an Amazon account on the venue of your choice;
  • Explaining the Amazon fees on the new marketplace;
  • Explaining local tax implications and registration processes;
  • Helping you build VAT into your pricing;
  • Offering a sample calculation of what a product in your inventory could cost you on the new marketplace;
  • Getting permission to sell in any restricted categories needed to expand your business;
  • Enjoying email support for any questions, and clarification during the setup process;
  • Setting up an international bank account via one of our partners.

And I understand you can also assist with my Amazon business account health?

As detailed above in the description of our Services (all of them, with the exception of Ungating and International Expansion), a significant part of our assistance is to keep your account safe from harm.

Account health can be virtually influenced by anything: restricted listings, stock products not matching Amazon listings, not responding to customers on time, not shipping items on time, not addressing returns immediately or not dealing promptly with any issues that may arise.

All of these are usually reflected in any of the following: problematic performance parameters (response time, late shipment rate, customer return dissatisfaction, negative feedback and A-to-Z claims which are directly computed under your ODR metric), notifications on faulty and restricted listings or underperforming performance metrics, and, ultimately, account suspension.

Besides, helping with dealing regularly with your business activity so that you can alleviate and prevent any of the issues listed above, we can offer advice on how to read, interpret and use your business reports, how to improve your listings and make them more visible, how to get in and sell new categories and virtually anything that can make your Amazon business grow and become more prosperous.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell Tamebay readers?

We have a knowledgeable team of experts on 3 continents, speaking 7 languages. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns Tamebay readers come across when managing their Amazon business. We are active on social media and our own blog where we want to share our knowledge and expertise and interact directly with the readers and the audience. What sets us apart from competitors is our capacity of dealing with each customer individually, listening to his unique business needs and customizing our services and guidance based on their needs.

Contact SellerEngine

SellerEngine headquarters is at 133 SE Madison St, Portland, Oregon 97214 United States.

You can contact them on 001.503.451.6043, via email at [email protected] or direct via the SellerEngine website.


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