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As your business grows you’ll want to automate many of the manual tasks you once had time to perform by hand. You need to list on multiple sites, manage your inventory across all the platforms you trade on and then collect orders. It’s not just marketplaces either, you should be using shopping engines, product listing ads, affiliate sites and retargeting engines.

Shopping Feed is one company which can help and to find out more we spoke to Global Growth Director, Andy McCullough to find out more, here’s what he had to say:

What is Shopping Feed?

Selling where your buyer shops isn’t an easy task. Relying on just your store to push your revenue targets puts you in tumultuous territory. With the growing influence of Mega-Marketplaces online like Amazon and eBay, and the experience that users come to rely on from them getting better and better, your potential buyers are sticking to what they know. How do you stay in the eye and cart of your most valuable buyers? Shopping Feed is the answer to that question.

We are complete omni-channel e-commerce automation. List products, sync inventory, and import orders from thousands of channels internationally. Be seen everywhere, without breaking a sweat.

Why do you need it?

We always say “get Shopping Feed, and get your life back”. If you sell on more than one channel, hours are spent on exporting, importing, correcting, and generally stressing about inventory levels. Your seller ratings go down the gutter with any indiscretion. Likewise, sending out orders is hard enough from one channel, let alone dancing back and forth from site to site.

Out of the box, with our powerful inventory sync and order importing across every channel, let your focus return to what makes your brand stand out. Leave the rest to Shopping Feed – that’s what robots are for!

A team of innovators at the helm

Shopping Feed made its start as a tool built for the top French e-commerce agency Blog Ecommerce. It very quickly grew a life of its own, but still has industry driving technology in its DNA. Our product team has created innovations that have propelled our channels to the most profitable in the industry. Tools like:

  • SEO Marketplace

    Easily automate extra product tags for your listings on marketplaces, making your products beat algorithms and consistently find themselves at the top of searches and filters. Like Magic!

  • ASIN Matching

    Rely on your own ASIN’s in Amazon to populate your product listings with the perfect information. This lets you always keep your product ratings and rankings at the flip of a switch, even if you have to relist in the future.

  • Rules

    ChannelAdvisor is the only other tool you can find Rules, but not like ours. Quickly and intuitively make changes to all your products at once, using powerful If / then statements. When it comes to customizing your product data, if you can dream it, a Rule can do it. No computer science degree required!

Which sellers get the most out of Shopping Feed?

Do you use a web of individual tools to power your e-commerce? Do you dread ever having to explain how this web functions to anyone else? Do you have to hunt down problems across each part of your piecemeal puzzle of softwares? And are you afraid of adding any more pieces to that puzzle? Shopping Feed is the solution.

Do you fear performance alerts from a missing order, or botched inventory count? Are you swimming in spreadsheets? Does the thought of making even small changes to all your listings across all your channels make you cringe? Does the thought of even testing a new sales channel sound exhausting? That’s why we exist.

Do you automate your life? Do you need to build out an e-commerce strategy, but aren’t sure where to begin? Or are you tired of building out your channels all by yourself? Are you afraid that the software you choose won’t adapt to a changing landscape as aggressively as you need it to? Do you need a helping hand without paying someone else to just “fix it”. Look no further.

Culture drives your revenue, and our mission

Our competitors are in the software business. Shopping Feed is in the revenue business. It’s not enough to be everywhere if your products aren’t selling. Our suite of tools and channels were painstakingly developed and nurtured over the last 10 years for one sole purpose: to grow your revenue. This is the culture of Shopping Feed – in order to be crucial to our users, we deliver where it matters the most.

Further Information

Shopping Feed are based at 60 Broad Street New York 10002 US

You can contact Shopping Feed on (920) 333-3488, via email at [email protected] or direct via the Shopping Feed website.


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