eBay Restoration Live gets underway on 1st day of Silverstone Classic

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eBay are running their Restoration Live challenge this weekend at the Silverstone Classic. For the second year in a row, a team of ace mechanics will race against the clock to restore a vehicle in just three days. There’s some added pressure this year too, the completed motor is scheduled to be sold on eBay with the auction starting on Monday with all proceeds going to the Silverstone Classic’s charity partner Prostate Cancer UK.

This year the car is generating more interest than ever, mainly due to the fact it’s a Ford Capri and not only is the Capri one of the prettiest cars ever made it’s also one that 30 years ago many of us oldies dreamed of owning.

It’s not just any Capri either, it’s black which is undoubtedly one of the most timeless colours for any car and it’s the 2.8 litre injection version so it goes like the proverbial rocket… or at least it will once the mechanics have worked their magic on the decades old engine.

If you’re thinking of bidding on the Capri, rumour has it that eBay paid around £8k for it, it’s had one owner from new and only done about 85,000 miles and it’s hardly moved in a decade. However by the end of the weekend, using hundreds of parts sourced on eBay, the aim is for the Capri to be one of the most sorted motors in the country and in near concours condition so bidding will start at £9,000.

What’s new for eBay Restoration Live 2017?

This year eBay have a bigger garage area and even more mechanics working on the car. Some of the hidden behind the scenes activities such as the onsite paint shop have been moved into public view and eBay have a motoring journalist on hand to provide commentary to the crowds watching the action.

There’s also a covered seating area for spectators which is good for two reason – it’s likely to rain at some point over the weekend but also I’m amazed at just how long some people want to sit and watch a team of mechanics working on a car – they’re in no hurry to move on to the other attractions at the Silverstone Classic of which there are many.

eBay parts and accessories sellers will also be pleased to know that eBay are displaying the names of which traders supplied parts for the restoration. Plus of course this year the car is being sold on eBay so one lucky bidder will get the chance to live their dream and drive the 130mph classic home with them.

The Mechanics

Once again Fergus Walkinshaw has hand picked a team of mechanics (some of whom are of F1 racing pedigree) with the addition of a mechanic from the Forces’ Motorsport Charity, Mission Motorsport who is thrilled to be working with such an experienced team.

Fergus tells me that once again hundreds of parts and accessories were sourced on eBay in preparation for the restoration, the hardest of which to come by was a new dashboard to replace the old cracked one. Parts for a Ford Capri simply aren’t available any more and with the exception of eBay Motors there’s not a place in the country they can be found. So some of the parts such as the bumpers are being rubbed down and painted on site, but others such as a suspension refurb, fixing an oil sump leak, renovating the entire drive train as well as a full engine service and tune up are taking place with parts that could only be sourced on eBay.

Without a doubt the most tedious job (for which Fergus is grateful he has a wiring expert on the team) is replacing the dashboard. There’s the normal maze of wiring for the instruments to sort out which has been made even more complex by the discovery of an after market alarm system and the inevitable mass of wiring crimps from home repairs to work through.

Why do eBay run Restoration Live?

With more than 1,000 race entries over the 3 day weekend the Silverstone Classic draws a 100,000 plus crowd and without exception these are people who race, show, own or simply love classic motors. eBay have quite a simple message for the attendees which is that you can source just about any part or accessory on eBay motors whether it be for a new car or, as in the case of the Capri, a 34 year old classic.

The entire activity emphasises the huge range of parts and accessories available from the thousands of eBay motors traders. It’s not just that Fergus found a Ford Capri dashboard in serviceable condition on eBay, it’s that this was probably the only dashboard in the country. It’s an inspiration to all those with a loved motor in the garage that eBay is the place to start your search and, with the pretty little Ford Capri, eBay have hit the jackpot with a motor that the crowd just adore.


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