Etsy sizing issue still ongoing after five months

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Sellers on Etsy have been going nuts for five months over a size display issue for items such as t-shirts. They should be the simplest thing in the world to list but the glitch keeps displaying spurious text.

The display to buyers has been ending up as something such as “M Letter size (Men’s)” or “US Letter” plus a size, which if the t-shirt as, they often are, is unisex doesn’t make it particularly appealing to women. The ‘Letter Size’ part is also unwelcome for sellers – it refers to the fact that the size is US Letter sizing (XS, S, M, L, XL) but that is patently obvious in this case by the fact the size has been specified as ‘M’.

Etsy support posted in March saying “We can confirm that the issue causing “US Letter” to appear alongside size variations is not intentional. The response referenced above addresses unisex size options specifically, and not the “US Letter” text“, but the problem appears still to be unsolved.

Have you seen this issue on Etsy? If so some sellers have been using a short term workaround by creating a new attribute to enter sizes but it’s not ideal as leads to inconsistencies across listings.


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